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Phil then brings up the "financial arrangement" that was in place had they won, so Marie now has to tell everyone that they agreed to split it 60/40, with the 60 going to her. Phil asks Tim why he agreed to that, and he easily says it was simple. "She threatened to not come on the race unless I signed it, and you know what? If you put me on my deathbed and said, would you like to do this? The coast of Norway, the castles in Portugal. I could go on and on and on. So you know what? No amount of money is worth it, and if she wants to strong-arm me out of it, then so be it." Tim gets more applause, and even Marie is smiling as though Tim hasn't once and for all demonstrated to the whole world what a horrible garbage person she is. She interviews that the race was a roller coaster, with its highs and lows. "It tests you and it pushes you. And in some weird friend kind of way, of course we love each other." Wait, who asked that? "We're always going to be in each other's lives and we'll always be there for the other one, and...yeah. Yeah, we love each other," she finally shrugs. Tim nods manfully, but it's way too little, way too late.

Speaking of which, here come Nicole & Travis jogging up the paved path. They throw their stuff down and become the last team to arrive. Phil says he knows it's not what they wanted, "but you should be very proud. You are team number three." There's a round of applause for them, and Phil asks them what their children are thinking right now. "I think they're gonna be real proud," Travis has the balls to say, after spending hours berating his wife on prime time television. Nicole starts crying, but she knows better than to not echo the sentiment. In their post-race interview, Travis says he's excited they made it to the finals, but he wanted to win. Yes, I noticed that about him. On the mat, Nicole tearfully says, "I know I disappointed you, and I'm sorry." Travis pastes on a smile and mutters something that I think he means to sound reassuring. Nicole tells everyone that Travis comes down hard on her, saying he has expectations for her to be the perfect woman. Phil starts to say something, but Travis assures her that he'll love her no matter what, "through the good, the bad. It's just a race. So do I get disappointed sometimes? Yes." But that's only because he thinks she'll be out of this world, "and sometimes it's in the world, you know? But we're going home." So please stop twisting your wedding ring now, Nicole. In their post-race interview, she says that sometimes thing go well and sometimes they don't, but you work through it and don't give up no matter what. Sounds like a metaphor for the rest of her marriage.

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