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Jason & Amy seem pretty happy in their cab to the finish line, while Tim repeats to his and Marie's driver that they're in a race for a million dollars. "Yes, it's an anxious time for us," he says calmly, as though speaking to a funeral director. From the back of the lead cab, Jason spots a car parked near a turnoff from the main road, and they're soon riding up a single paved lane crowded by trees on both sides. But then so are Tim & Marie, as Tim says they're going to run from there. "Please be Phil," Amy whispers, as though it's going to be anyone else. Not that it wouldn't suck to get to the Finish Line and see Jeff Probst waiting there to talk about Jason's toughness and call him by his last name.

Cut to a scenic farmyard alongside a stream, with Phil standing at the edge of the giant Finish Line mat. As always, the eight previously eliminated teams are there cheering and applauding, and, in at least one irritating case, ululating. It's pissing down rain, and it's not a big shock when the first team to come running out of the trees is...Jason & Amy. Which is, for once, both an ending I sort of predicted long ago, and an ending I can actually live with. I would have hated to see Marie's approach to the race vindicated. I feel bad for Tim, of course, but I feel bad for Tim anyway.

As Jason & Amy run up and into Phil's arms, he announces, "Four continents, nine countries, more than 35,000 miles; Jason & Amy, you have won the one million dollars and you are the official winners of The Amazing Race!" The winning couple hug and kiss each other happily as Phil adds, "After six second-place finishes, you've run in here on the final leg of The Amazing Race and you have won it!" Cut to them in an excited post-race interview clip as Amy says with barely contained excitement, "We didn't come in second place!" "We just won The Amazing Race," Jason adds as Amy laughs in triumph. Back on the giant mat, Phil comments on Amy's apparent disbelief, which she totally cops to. Jason is up for a speech, though, saying this was never about the finish line but about working together as a team and push through, "and we did it." Amy interviews that they've been through so many highs and lows that they can deal with anything. Jason agrees that it couldn't have worked out any better. "We're taking it home to Boston. Boston strong." Because you have to say "Boston strong."

And here come Tim & Marie, Tim lugging the big, red, nearly-empty duffel that the teams have been carrying for some reason ever since arriving in Alaska. Phil invites them up onto the giant mat and congratulates them on being team number two. Marie is actually smiling more than Tim is, which never happens unless she's mansplaining something to him. "You fought right to the end," Phil says. Yes, with each other. "Marie, there are a lot of guys here who feared you. And why did you come on this race with Tim?" Marie's answer is typically lacking in charm and artifice: he was with her on the date of the application deadline. "It was because he was the only available man?" Phil laughs along with everyone else. Now that it's all over, Marie is gracious enough to say Tim was a great partner. "He was totally awful preparing for it; he didn't do anything," she says while Tim is like, really? Even now? "But I knew he'd be a great partner when we got here." The other racers start clapping and chanting Tim's name in obvious admiration for all the shit he's had to put up with since day one.

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