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The ER docs arrive at the trailhead, and now it's Travis who is exhausted. Yelling all the time takes a lot out of you, you know, so Nicole reads the clue while Travis takes a breather. Marie currently has Tim's thumb painfully trapped between two cylinder segments, which seems like a real hazard to this task. Nicole & Travis start from scratch, reminding themselves that they went from pesos in Chile to euros in Portugal. Now it's Jason getting his fingers pinched, and Tim & Marie continue struggling with this activity that must be like loading a cannon upside down. They seem to be figuring it out though. As opposed to the ER docs, who are saying confidence-inspiring things like "We gotta get a system here" and "Here's part of an E." You know, the kind of things that make you say, "Could I have a different doctor, please?"

Jason & Amy only have their Abu Dhabi and Indonesia columns left to complete, and Jason says of the latter, "We know it's definitely rubies." Well, not exactly (it's rupiahs). Tim & Marie only have a few columns left as well, but they're currently disagreeing on whether an H goes there or not. Nicole & Travis are starting to hang segments, or rather Travis is while he snaps at Nicole to put the pin in already. But it's probably too late for them, because Jason & Amy have all nine completed poles in place that read, from left to right, peso (Chile), euro (Portugal), kroner (Norway), zloty (Poland), euro again (Austria), dirham (United Arab Emirates), rupiah (Indonesia), yen (Japan), and finally dollar (U.S.). Amy quietly recites the names of the countries to herself while Jason raises his arms in triumph. Travis says accusingly, "We lost it already, Nicole. Goll-lee." Which turns out to be correct, because after the task judge carefully examines Jason & Amy's work, she hands them their final clue. "At last: The Finish Line!" it reads. "Make your way to the end of North Douglas Driveway and look for the marked drive. Go! Go! Go!" That doesn't sound like a famous landmark, but the sweeping camera work makes it look pretty scenic. They're out of there, Amy wishing the other teams good luck. Travis carps to Nicole that he's doing this task by himself, and Tim & Marie hurry to finish their last column. "We're done," Marie says with more weariness than triumph while Jason & Amy are still climbing into their minivan taxi. The exes' vehicle is seen leaving almost immediately thereafter, though it's not clear how long a hike it is from the task to the parking lot. "As fast as possible, please don't get lost," Marie says to the driver, like it's all one word, and Tim adds that they're in a race for a million. Behind them, Travis bitches to Nicole about how he's doing all the lifting. "This is what it's been like. This is crazy! Give us a chance." I didn't see the first season, but we may be looking at the return of Loud Pushy Frank (tm Miss Alli). Nicole just quietly endures takes it as he paces around and bitches, "The last four Road Blocks you've done were just like this. So what are you doing?" So has he entirely forgotten what he said earlier about teams?

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