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Time & Marie have arrived, and they tell their cab driver to wait as they head up the hill in second place. Marie is pretty confident, telling Tim that he's good at puzzles. As they show up, Jason warns Amy that they'll have to be quiet now so as not to give anything away to the exes. And when the latter team gets a load of the cylinders stacked tightly but randomly on a row of pallets, they realize this is going to be harder than they expected.

Nicole & Travis are out on their kayak, andguess what? Travis is yelling at her. Finally she stops, balances her paddle on the hull in front of her, and says, "Okay," just shutting down and waiting for his dickishness to blow over. Which it should be in a few weeks or so. They get their clue and run to their helicopter, still in last place and less likely every minute to ever change that.

At the final puzzle, Amy is repeating, "I took a million and three notes but I don't have all the currency names. I don't remember them. Only thing I didn't do." Jason assures us that it's harder than it looks as he slides a cylinder up onto a pole and secures it in place with a metal pin through holes drilled in the pole. Around the corner from them, Tim is taking the lead on the puzzle, and Marie is actually listening to him with a minimum of impatience. Unlike Jason & Amy, they also remember all the currencies except Abu Dhabi, which they figure they can get from process of elimination. And Jason & Amy are struggling, with pieces that fit together wrong and that keep falling down as they try to move them. Are we going to have an actual rank change this late in the game? Could it be?

After the ads, the exes seem to be operating more smoothly than Jason &Amy, who are having unsecured stacks topple over. And now Nicole & Travis are on the ground from their second helicopter ride and getting in a taxi. "We've always been out front," Travis says. "However, last four legs, we just hit Road Blocks and fell to the back," And he shoots Nicole a filthy look of accusation that she does her best to ignore, even as she must feel flames, flames on the side of her face.

Marie is taking the lead on the totem-pole puzzle, though he doesn't exactly hop to. Around the corner, Jason & Amy are working together sotto voce to complete the kroner column for Norway's currency. Which leaves them with enough letters to start guessing that Abu Dhabi's currency is something like "drohm." Amy is confident they'll figure it out, though, probably in part because the pole segments also have patches of color that need to be matched up as well. Theoretically, it might be possible for someone who's completely illiterate to work by those alone, though it would probably take a while. Too bad certain past teams aren't around to try.

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