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Jason & Amy are still in the air, heading back to Juneau, and Jason is talking about how they need to go home with the win. There are lots of helicopter shots, including one of a docked cruise ship dwarfing the city, and then they're on the ground, out of the copter, and looking for a cab on some hillside road where they just happen to be waiting. So at least now we know the location of all the taxis that should have been at the airport earlier. Jason asks a driver, "You speak English?" "All my life," the driver answers. Jason is taking no chances.

Travis digs out some more fake clues before finally getting an actual one. How disappointing that Nicole did such a terrible job of finding them for him.

Tim & Marie land and pick a cab from the ones waiting there by the side of the road, and ask the driver to get them to Blueberry Hills trailhead. Jason & Amy have already arrived there, and as they jog around a bend in the trial, Amy says, "Holy crap, what the heck is that?" It looks like a pile of big brown plastic cylinders with white letters and colored shapes painted on them, and Jason tells her they're about to find out. The clue they open tells them, "Raise some money." Phil tells us, "Totem poles have been an important part of Native American history for centuries." The cylinders are, it turns out, segments of DIY totem poles that the teams will have to build a whole wall of, hanging them from narrow bars that are suspended by a high frame. The memory puzzle aspect of this comes in by how the totem poles, when correctly assembled, will spell out the currencies of every country the teams have visited this season, in chronological order. "Once their money is in order," he says, "they'll receive their final clue and can race to the Finish Line." Jason & Amy run over to one of the three building-racks, each of the them facing away from the others in a giant equilateral triangle. Jason knows they're starting with pesos from Chile, but they first spot a K they can use for the Norwegian kroner and start hanging that one up as well, wisely using some pieces as they find them rather than wasting time looking for particular ones. There's one challenge they're going to have to deal with, though, as Amy asks, "Babe, do you remember all the currencies?" "Ah…no, that's not good," Jason admits. Amy says she memorized and wrote down everything they encountered on the whole trip, "except for…the currency." Oops. So they're off to a slow start, clearly.

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