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Now Tim is hacking out dud clue after dud clue form the glacier face. "I mean, come on with this," Marie says impatiently. Finally he gets a valid clue, in second place. That was a lot of yellow snow they had to dig through, though.

Jason & Amy arrive at the coast, where the kayaks are waiting. "I'm in the back, you're in the front?" Jason confirms. He figures the other teams will be gaining on them, but they're soon taking their first-ever kayak trip (though they've gone canoeing before), and as they back out, Amy begs Jason not to be frantic. All he says is to paddle on the right and that he can't hear anything she's saying. Which probably isn't all that reassuring to her, but how cold can the Bering Sea be in the summer?

Travis & Nicole reach the ice tunnel, and aren't in too much of a rush for Travis to admit that it's "kind of cool." He even appreciates the exterior view once they emerge.

Tim tells Marie that she's going to be in front and he'll be in back. He tells us that he's kayaked before, but the trick will be "getting the pace between me and Marie that's gonna be the key." Or in other words, getting her to listen to him without screaming at him. And that's exactly what doesn't happen.

Jason & Amy are far out in the water, and Jason interviews that although it was pretty tiring, they didn't take any breaks, even for the one-mile paddle. They approach a tiny lump of island just feet from the main landmass with a red flag waving from it, and circle around the leeward side to beach their kayak. They find the clue box and a clue that tells them to take a helicopter back to Juneau, and get to Blueberry Hills Trailhead to find their next clue. Now all they need to do is find a helicopter, which could be tricky. Fortunately there are some waiting nearby. What a lucky coincidence.

The ER docs have found the glacier wall with the clues buried inside, and Nicole points them out for Travis to excavate out. Two of them are fake so far. I don't get how there are that many left. Like, in the world.

Tim & Marie are kayaking across the water and guess what? She's yelling at him. Amazing, I know. She ends up hauling the kayak ashore with him in it so he doesn't have to wade in, and they get the clue telling them to fly back to Juneau and get to the trailhead. In the chopper, Tim says they just have to chase a team. "Either way, we have no option but to beat Jay and Amy." I think they might be able to find another option if they really need to.

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