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Travis is crossing one of the ladders while Nicole waits above. "It's gonna take some work, but you have to have faith that you're not gonna fall," he lectures her even while doing this. Yes, faith certainly seems like the key element.

Jason & Amy have uncovered numerous dud clues, while Tim & Marie are emerging from the tunnel behind them. The exes almost have them in sight by the time Jason finally reveals an actual clue that reads, "This is your next mode of transportation" under a silhouette of a two-person kayak. As Phil explains, the teams will need to "hike down to the shore and paddle a tandem kayak to the marked island, where they'll find their next clue." Ah, yes, we all recall the stirring excerpts from Joe Juneau's journals about his discovery of Marked Island. Jason & Amy start walking off the glacier, while Travis is busy trying to climb out of it, telling himself, "Let's get it done." After reaching the far side, he calls some grumpy motivational nuggets across to Nicole, telling her "let's go" and yelling down at her to use the rope running along the ladder about half a dozen times. But doesn't holding the rope conflict with what he said earlier about having faith? When she reaches the far side, and the ice axes stuck in the surface waiting for her, Travis tells her, "You gotta believe on these picks. They actually will hold you!" Unfortunately, that is exactly what she does, taking hold of the two axe handles just as she finds them and trying to pull herself up without swinging them any deeper into the ice. Obviously both of them come free and she stumbles back onto the ladder and ends up with most of her weight on the safety rope, which must be terrifying for her. Worse, she drops one of the axes, which falls far below and out of reach. And what does Travis have to say about his part in putting her in this position? "Aw, man." It's so tiresome how she listened to him just now.

Let's watch that embarrassing moment again after the ads, shall we? In the aftermath, Travis says, "She dropped one of the picks. Which means she's doing it with one pick. Wow." So she's using both hands to pull herself up with one axe, and she interviews that she wanted to cry, but knew she needed to stay focused. Besides, there'll be plenty of time for Travis to make her cry later. He lets out an inscrutable "wow," either because he's impressed with her determination or because he can't believe she found yet another way to be such a goddamn loser. It's hard to say which, at least until she makes it to the top and he's all, "we gotta make up some time, let's go." I think I have enough info to make a decision on the "wow" now.

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