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Tim is crossing one of the ladders on all fours, saying this is scarier than he thought. Marie's just cold waiting for him on the starting side, yelling, "Hurry this up, let's go!" as he starts ice-axing his way up the other side. He says you can't rush something like this. "You have to be safe when you're launching yourself into a glacier." Yeah, but Marie's in a hurry and that's a lot more important.

Using their crampons to walk along the sides of the tunnel bottom, Tim & Amy make their way through the tunnel, which has a narrow channel of water rushing through a deep channel in the center of the floor. Jason exults, "We're inside a glacier that's a billion years old!" The vibroslap on the soundtrack at that moment is what a [sic] sounds like. They emerge from the tunnel that's like a big, frozen birth canal.

Nicole & Travis's helicopter lands while Marie is trying to figure out how to climb up from the ladders. Eventually she gets it, without the tips Tim is hollering down at her. "I know you can't see me, I'm okay," she calls back up. Soon both of them are on the far side, but Nicole & Travis are geared up and ready to cross. There are actually three ladders, so I don't know why only one person is going at a time. Tim thinks they've still got a big lead over the ER docs, but Marie points out that they don't know how long the next thing will take. Travis starts down, and Nicole is waiting for her turn and for another chance to prove to the man who promised to love, honor, and cherish her that she's not just a waste of carbon.

Jason & Amy are led on a further, fairly rugged-looking hike across the surface of the glacier until they arrive at a low vertical ice face where occasional flashes of yellow are visible behind the permafrost. There's only one ice axe to dig with, so Amy picks out the targets while Jason chips away. He soon unearths (or rather unices) a yellow card that reads on its flip side, "Try again." Amy picks another one, and another. This could take longer for them than for the teams behind them, if they get a lot of duds that the trailing teams won't then have to deal with. But will it be enough to make up for the time it takes to make ten supply drops?

Tim & Marie and their guide reach the entrance of the tunnel and are soon making their way awkwardly through. I'm really having trouble not making inappropriate comments about ice tunnels and ice holes whenever Marie is on the screen.

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