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Nicole makes her fiftteenth attempt with a package that lands nowhere near the target. "That tells me she's just flustered now," Travis informs us. But how could she be, knowing she has such a supportive partner waiting for her below? "Let's go, before I get gnats all in my mouth, he says. He could try closing it for once, but instead he yells "too late! Too late!" as yet another package of flour goes far wide. Is this really how supply drops go anyway? "I'm hungry." BOOF! "Enjoy your flour! Don't forget to vacuum it off those bushes over there!"

After the ads, Nicole's lag increases as her 18th package is dropped in a manner that Travis calls, "Too late, too late, too late, too late!" As her pilot takes her around for another attempt, Travis continues waving at the bugs, saying, "I was hoping we'd have a real shot at winning." "Target in sight," the pilot tells Nicole again, and this one lands short. "I just feel that million dollars dwindling, gone away," he says. Well, the upside is that he can blame her for any and all financial woes their family experiences for the rest of their lives.

Now on level ice at the far side of the crevasse, Jason coaches Amy across the ladders. "Now how do I get up?" she asks before spotting the ice axes hanging in the frozen scree right above her. Soon she's using them to ascend while Jason excitedly cheers her on. "Look at you! You're an ice-climbah!" Not actually a thing.

"Hi. I'm on a glacier in Alaska," Tim says faux-mildly as their helicopter sets down. Marie says they're used to playing catch-up, which is quite true. At the starting point of their ice expedition, Tim looks down at what he's going to have to negotiate and says, "I mean it's a little steep and icy and it might hurt if I fall, but I don't know, I've never done this and I'm not looking, so I'm gonna hurl myself off into this glacier hole and see what happens." Marie waves to him as he starts his descent, and her very existence gives the lie to his claim that he's never hurled himself into a glacier-hole before.

Jason & Amy's guide has led them on a hike across the top of the glacier to the mouth of a bright-blue tunnel through the glacier, which Jason is pretty excited about getting to enter. It's almost exactly the same color as the shirts they've been wearing this whole season, after all.

Nicole is getting lined up for her 21st attempt. In the post-leg interview, she says she "felt a lot of anxiety and this overwhelming sense of disappointment in myself and I knew that Travis was having that same set of emotions." Especially the disappointment part. Travis is certainly not correcting her as he sits next to her. "So I took a deep breath and I just…let it go." And this is the one that nails the target dead center. "Right in the bulls-eye," Travis says, schlepping a big red duffel over to the landing site. Nicole knows they have a lot of time to make up as she lands, and Travis greets her with an oh-so-supportive, "All right, let's go." And once they're in the helicopter and Nicole is talking about the difficulties she had and how she's hoping they'll be able to catch up, Travis doesn't even want to look at her. She has let him down terribly, after all.

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