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It's time for Marie's second attempt, and her parcel falls short this time. Nicole overshoots again and tells the pilot, "That was way late." On the ground, Travis waves bugs from his face as he says, "I'm not sure what's going on, because she has just struggled so mightily on her last, I think, three or four Road Blocks. But the Amazing Race is about teams. You're not going to win with just one person. It's a team, so you take the good with the bad." That's some pretty half-baked philosophy there, which may explain why Travis totally forgets it every time things go wrong.

Jason & Amy hop into one of three yellow helicopters waiting to transport the teams, and Jason excitedly tells the pilot to "put this thing in turbo, baby. Let's put this Apache on a glacier." It's not actually an Apache, but they're soon in the air.

Back at the Road Block, the scene is now being scored by Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries," which is a frequent soundtrack for these aircraft-based tasks because it's dramatic, familiar, and royalty-free. Nicole and Marie both make failed fourth attempts and their partners get increasingly frustrated and impatient. Meanwhile, Jason & Amy get to enjoy the scenic view of the edge of the glacier where the ice and rock and million-year-old blue ice meet the Bering Sea, not to mention all manner of majestic waterfowl. Soon they're on the icy ground with Jason asking which of the four waiting guides is the quickest. They pick one, and then the next thing we see is them geared up with climbing gear and looking down into a deep ice crevasse that has metal extension ladders stretched horizontally across the gap below them. This makes Amy a little nervous, so Jason is going first. Wearing a helmet and crampons, he rappels backward down to one of the ladders. Which is tricky to cross while wearing boots with spikes on the bottom, but he also has a guide rope running along at shoulder level to hold onto, as well as his guide holding the safety line from overhead. In short, he probably couldn't fall if he wanted to. He makes it across, and while the guide hooks up Amy's harness to the ropes for her descent to the ladders, he's soon scrambling up the far side using his toe-spikes and a provided ice axe in each hand. He still has time to call encouragement across to Amy as she nervously lowers herself down, but she would rather he stow it so she can concentrate. Teamwork does have its limits sometimes.

Nicole's on her twelfth attempt, and this one looks at first like it might hit, but it's too early again, as Travis is only too glad to say. This is much harder than bulls-eyeing womp rats in her T-16 back home on Tattooine. Nicole tells her pilot she doesn't know what she's doing. I'm sure he already noticed that. Obviously it's a matter of timing, and they need to realize that the packets will keep traveling forward at almost the same speed after being released even as their downward speed decreases, but Travis isn't up there with her to mansplain it to her. Tim watches Marie's next approach, and says, "Early…early…now! Now!" Marie tosses the package an instant before the plane is "feet-dry," and that turns out to be the sweet spot; it lands almost dead-center in the target. Obviously Travis isn't thrilled, but neither is Marie, who says, "Worst Road Block ever" as her plane lands on the dirt airstrip. The exes are in second place, and Travis pouts alone on the ground, saying, "Oh, well. It's just for a million dollars. Sometimes not being very successful is a hard pill to swallow." And Nicole is just clutching her next package, looking down from the plane. I wonder if the speed of the aircraft is affected by how much she's lightened the cargo. I mean, theoretically a lighter plane can fly slower without stalling, right? As Tim & Marie board their helicopter to the glacier, he asks her how hard it was. "Uh, I don't even want to talk about it. So frustrating," is her only answer. Tim says they'll need to catch the other team. Oh, don't worry, I'm sure the final leg wouldn't start with a task that could spread the teams so far apart from each other that the rankings would never change again.

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