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Jason & Amy have reached the travel agency, and Amy says that they'll all be on the flight arriving at 6:20, what with the 6:10 flight being full. "But somehow, some way, I'm sure that the Afghanimals are going to figure out a way to take that flight." I don't know what that way could be, but don't worry; we never will find out.

Those oh-so-formidable Afghanimals are leaving in last place at 3:19 AM, almost an hour behind the team ahead of them. Leo overlaughs at the clue's mention of cats, like he's starting to seriously lose his mind. Jamal admits that yes, they have a Speed Bump this leg, but they've already beaten two U-Turns and are ready for the other teams to gang up on them.

And that's exactly what's happening. While the other three teams are at the travel agency together, getting themselves all booked on that flight scheduled to land in Tokyo at 6:20 AM, they start discussing how they're going to get rid of the Afghanimals. Nicole proposes that they all stick together to make sure they're all in the final three, and work as a team of six. That seems both ill-advised and impractical. Travis predicts that Leo & Jamal will gamble on a flight, which may result in them screwing themselves. Unless the gamble pays off, that is. Nicole & Travis are the last of this "team of six" to stick around and get their tickets, just in time for the Afghanimals to show up and tell another agent, "We want whatever they got." It's pretty chilly between the two teams as the ER docs leave, and continue to be holier-than-thou in the cab about Leo & Jamal's habitual lying in the race and how they choose not to be those people. Except when they, you know, do. Leo & Jamal book themselves passage through Singapore and Bangkok on the same flights as the others, but as they leave they plan to do additional research. Which tells us that nobody else planned to do any at all.

The sun comes up over Indonesia as the teams arrive at the Bandung airport, a crowded, chaotic locale that looks more like a bus station with wings. As they cross the tarmac to board a plane via stairs the old-fashioned way, Jason remarks to Tim that he doesn't want to fly again for another three years. I imagine the novelty would be wearing off around now. Meanwhile, in the terminal, Leo has managed to borrow some dude's laptop as Jamal says they're getting there at 6:10 though Hong Kong, unlike the other teams. "Goodbye, Indonesia!" Leo calls as he and Jamal are the last to board the flight out of Bandung that everyone else is on. Again, we are given no explanation as to how he accomplished getting on the earlier flight. That must be some laptop.

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