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They hop off the boat and onto the gray sand beach, and lead the sprint to the clue box with the other two teams right behind them. "Road Block," Nicole reads. Over footage of small aircraft, Phil informs us that "bush planes are an essential part of survival in the remote regions of Alaska. This Road Block gives teams the opportunity to simulate a supply drop," he adds from the shoreline. Over more shots of tiny planes, he continues, "Flying at 60 miles an hour and at least 150 feet above the ground, they must drop a bag of flour on this target." The target isn't much bigger than the giant Finish Line mat, but if they hit it, a pilot will give them their next clue. Nicole, Amy, and Marie are taking this one. "Kick their ass," Tim tells Marie. Nicole gets to her plane first, and Tim is confident that Marie will do well, as we get an ironic shot of her struggling to get her helmet, goggles, and headset onto her noggin all at the same time. Even Travis is keeping positive. "I told Nicole it's redemption time." Well, okay then. That doesn't sound backhanded at all. All three planes fire up their engines and take off as the male partners walk to the waiting area.

As the tiny planes circle around, the pilots manually open the windows on their starboard side, which will allow their passengers in the back seats to reach out and drop their parcels. Nicole's run comes first, and she leans out holding what looks like about a three-pound parcel of flour wrapped in brown paper, with a color-coded pink band around it. She drops it as the plane comes in from over the water, and with a dive-bombing sound effect added by the Amazing Foley Guys, the flour bag explodes on the ground right next to the target. Mighty close, and she's likely to do better next time, right? Amy's blue-banded flour bag falls far short. Jason, by the way, has tied a black bandanna around his face to protect himself from the cold, the thick flying insects, or the perception that he is not a train robber. Marie's bag, with a green band, lands just short of the target mat and sends up a cloud of unbleached brown dust that looks like Wile E. Coyote hitting the bottom of the canyon. So they're all going to have to go around again. Nicole's second drop is declared "way too late" by Travis, and it overshoots the target by so much that even Nicole asks, "What the hell was that?" But the second bag that Amy drops explodes right on the bulls-eye, which is pretty impressive. Or else very, very lucky. She excitedly tells her pilot she got it, and Jason runs to meet her at the landing site to get their clue, now officially in first place. "Put yourselves on ice," she reads. Phil clarifies, "Teams must now helicopter to the Norris Glacier, where they'll take part in an Alaskan ice expedition." With the help of a guide, they'll travel to the glacier face, where they'll have to chip out their next clue with an ice axe. This is all harder than it sounds, as we (and the racers) will soon see.

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