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An Amazing Blue Line makes the long hike across the Pacific to Juneau, which the b-roll shows us is nestled on the coast amid majestic pines and mountains, complete with bald eagles soaring overhead. Citywise, it doesn't look like it could be the capital of anyplace but Alaska. The Air Alaska carrying all three teams lands, and soon they're all running through the terminal. Once they get outside, there is very little traffic on the airport access road, taxi or otherwise. The teams converge on a yellow minivan, but the driver tells them, "Sorry guys, I'm already taken." After all these weeks, it's a little unusual to hear an American accent coming from a cabdriver. Even in America, now that I think about it. While the other teams scatter in search of alternate transport, Jason & Amy hang back to talk to the driver through his open window and ask him to call a cab for them. Just one, mind you. "Make sure they only pick up Amy & Jason," Jason adds.

Meanwhile, the other teams race to a slow-moving maroon minivan taxi, and Nicole's the one who gets her face into the driver's side window to ask for a ride for just her and Travis. Marie is left pathetically running along the passenger side begging, "No, take us!" until she drops her jacket and falls back retrieving it. Nicole puts some pressure on the driver, saying he's going to be their guardian angel today in "a big race for a lot of money." Assuming this is going to be an all-day cab leg, which I can tell you right now it isn't. So the ER docs are gone in first place, which should make Travis happy. Tim & Marie spot the arrival of the cab that was called for Jason & Amy, but Marie fails to poach this one, and she and Tim eventually get into a regular yellow cab. "All right, let's race, "Jason says once everyone is underway and the nonstop urgency of the final leg has been properly established as per normal.

Across the bridge and to a marina. Nicole & Travis are the first team to board one of the fleet of marked boats, each of which is a small motorboat with a much-needed rain canopy over the cabin. Amy slips on the wet dock, but she's okay and Jason is asking the drivers who's fastest as Nicole is telling their pilot to go fast. Soon all three teams are out on the water, but they don't get to sit under the canopy -- instead, they have to perch on wooden benches behind it while the spray of the canvas batters their borrowed foul-weather gear. The ER docs remain in the lead, and behind them, Marie mimes pushing an oblivious Tim over the side of their boat. Because of how he's such a pain in the ass. Jason yells at their pilot to go faster, not satisfied to be even with the exes. Travis remarks, "This boat'll give you hemorrhoids." It's pulling up to Grizzly Bar, where Travis can spot helicopters waiting. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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