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As the exes head out, Marie interviews that before they went on the race, Marie made Tim sign a contract splitting any of their winnings 60/40 in her favor. Oh my god, what an asshole. What a soulless, joyless, simulacrum of a human being. Tim claims not to have a problem with it because she's done a lot of work to get them there. "And the Amazing Race is something you can't put a measurement on. We've been all around the world and it's what we came here for." Well, not Marie, clearly. She's here for 600 large and nothing else. In the cab, Marie adds that they don't have a relationship like Travis & Nicole, where they're here to enjoy the race together. "We're here to win the race." The way things are going, though, Travis & Nicole may soon have a relationship like them.

Amy is quite excited to be going to Alaska as they open their clue at 6:15 AM. Jason interviews, "We're not just the best team in this season, but we're one of the best teams ever to run this race." How many legs have they won again? Actually, Jason says they've tied the record of six for second-place finishes, but Amy says they definitely want first place this leg. "If you ain't first, you're last, and we're winners," she pageant-smiles. In the cab, she says she feels good about having helped Nicole in the last couple of Road Blocks, "because they need our help to do well. So during this final leg, without our help, it's kind of like, well, how well are they gonna do?" Excellent point, actually. Even if she obviously came up with it after the fact.

Travis echoes something like this before he and Nicole leave the mat in third and last place at 6:22 AM, saying it's now everybody for themselves. Nicole agrees that the alliance with Jason & Amy is over, as they had agreed to work together until the final leg. Travis is smiling about this, for some reason, as though this doesn't spell their complete and utter doom. "Whichever team does best today, we'll be excited for," Nicole says. "We're just expecting that we're gonna be that team that everybody's gonna be celebrating as we walk across that mat first." Not if she doesn't figure out how to get out of tasks faster than she got out of that sentence.

"Yay, airport, going home, so excited" Marie chants half-heartedly as she and Tim reach Tokyo's Narita terminal. They get their tickets to Juneau, and Jason & Amy quickly take their place at the counter. "We want the same thing as them but the earlier flight," Jason says. Nicole & Travis get on the same plane, and as the final teams board the final commercial flight of the race, Tim says they're excited about the final leg and Marie says they're ready to win. That'll be disappointing to them if they don't, then.

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