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At Shibuya Crossing, Jason finds the moving vending machine almost immediately, and he and Amy start running for the Pit Stop. But not without Jason telling her "go" about fifty times in three seconds.

"Finish strong, Leo," Jamal calls out to Leo, who at least knows what he has to fix now. Travis is being rather less encouraging to Nicole. "Come on, Nicole. It's not rocket science, come on," he whines. And he adds to the camera that he's not used to this. "I usually know I can rely on me and Nicole's showing me that she's not the same as me." Not as awesome as Travis? How horrible! And he says this like it's a complete dealbreaker. He calls out to her, "If you can't get it after she tells you, I don't know what to say." If only that were true. But he does, because he yells, "You have to be confident and decisive!" Nicole gets a check and finally receives her clue, and as they run off, Travis yells at her, "You can't get things done. Argh, it's frustrating!" Must be frustrating to have your spouse constantly telling you and other people how useless you are, too.

Jamal goes up to the little model on the pedestal and says, "Damn you, robot. You're what made us fall." Get over yourself, Jamal, you guys were never that awesome to begin with. In the cab, Travis continues to berate Nicole, "It is so tough and frustrating to watch you like this. It's actually sad. You gotta learn to do stuff. Learn to build stuff." When would be a good time for her to do that? Because she's busy fighting tears at the moment, jerk. Behind them, Leo finally finishes, and he and Jamal head out from the Road Block in last place. Where's Jamal's guarantee now?

Jason & Amy run up to the mat in second place while Tim & Marie are still there. They high-five the leg's winners, so apparently all is forgiven, and Jason even tells Marie she killed it. Phil tells them they are team number two, yet again, putting them in the final three.

Nicole & Travis are at Shibuya Scramble, looking for the vending machine. And then so are the Afghanimals. Nicole is the first one to spot it across the street, and fortunately Travis isn't mad enough at her to actually let her run into traffic. Which is a relief to see. They cross when the light changes and get the clue sending them to the Pit Stop. They clear out, and then Leo spots the machine. But it's crossing the street, and Leo strolls along with it in the crosswalk, trying to get it to stop there in the middle of the road. Fortunately it doesn't, and refuses to dispense their last clue until they're safely on the sidewalk. Now both teams are looking for someone who can give them directions. The ER docs find someone who fumbles slowly over a phone that's obviously much smarter than he is, while the Afghanimals seem to be having better luck. Both teams run through the street, and then Phil tells the robot greeter, "Look who's comin'." The robot does not display a perceptible reaction.

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