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Over at Shibuya Crossing, there are pedestrians crossing in every direction, one of them being a large red-and-yellow vending machine. Marie finds someone who speaks English and asks, "Is there a vending machine around here that moves? Does anybody know where the roaming vending machine is?" Well, no, it's roaming. But Tim quickly spots it, and they run up to it as it's shifting and Marie demands their clue. "Stop moving!" she snaps. For her rudeness, it makes her beg a minute before a yellow envelope drops into the vending slot. "Thank you," she tells the machine, and they read a clue telling them to race on foot to Konno Hachimangu Shrine, which Phil says is "an ancient landmark built nearly a thousand years ago. The last team to check in here will be eliminated." They cross again, Tim warning her about a truck that she already sees and is pretty pissed about his thinking she doesn't, and they are soon getting directions from a local. It must be easier to get directions to something that isn't moving.

Leo asks for another check. Still no good, because he thinks the issue is the angle of the instrument, which nobody gives a shit about. Finally he realizes the buttons are in back instead of in front. "See you," Amy tells Nicole, hugging her and kissing her and adding, "I love you." She runs to leave with Jason, who grumbles, "Wow, that .was probably one of the toughest challenges we've seen, but we lost seven to ten minutes because you helped them." Amy: "Okay." Jason finds it hard to argue with her when she isn't disagreeing. But Travis always seems to figure out a way.

Tim & Marie find their way to the shrine, where Phil is standing next to what looks like an actual humanoid robot that's almost as tall as he is. "At least she's not gonna try to trade me in for that," Tim says. "Uh, that would be the greatest partner in the world," Marie disagrees. The robot beeps and bloops and uses a synthesized voice to welcome them to Tokyo, Japan. Marie tells Phil to tell them what they want to hear, and Phil asks what that is, and she says "We're number one." "And that's what you've got," Phil finally says. "You are team number one! Tim & Marie are already celebrating before he's even finished speaking, and he adds, in case anyone was wondering, that they're also going to be in the final three. "I've never seen you two so happy," he says. "You're almost in love with him right now!" Let's not go overboard here, Phil. Tim corrects, "She did the Road Block so she's in love with herself," What else is new? Phil tells them that they've also won a trip for two to Aruba. "I don't know whether you want to go together…" Judging by the way they look at each other, they don't know that either. Marie says they'll randomly pick the Hawaii trip for one and the Aruba trip for the other, and then they can go separately. I would have to agree that the only thing worse than an exotic tropical vacation with Marie would be two exotic tropical vacations with Marie.

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