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However, Travis and Jason are unimpressed with their partners. Jason says, "It is a little frustrating that she came in as a woman maybe like twenty minutes behind these two girls that have been working together from the staht." That's a valid point, aside from how I'm not sure what anyone's gender has to do with it.

Tim & Marie manage to get a cab to stop for them and take them to Shibuya Crossing. "Let's go, let's go, fast fast fast!" she yells at the driver. At least she said "let's." Behind them, Jason remarks to Travis, "Boy, did we screw up on these Road Blocks." I guess meaning that they should have let the ladieeeez take the easier ones earlier in the race so that they, the big strong men, could be doing these hard ones now. Wait, which Road Blocks were easy again? Travis agrees, "Nicole kills us. She's just, like, weak." We'll see about that when they watch this together. If you're going to complain about your spouse behind his or her back, which is already stupid, you should try to not be wearing a body mic while doing so. Nicole asks for another check, and promises Amy that they're almost done, but it's still wrong. Amy goes and takes a look and realizes that they have the crosspieces for the hips and shoulders reversed. That's going to take some fixing, because it's going to require them to detach and reattach all four limbs from the torso. "That's a bad sign when you're building when you keep taking things apart," Travis says wisely. Leo realizes they figured out the problem he spotted long ago, and when Jason sees that they're taking out the pieces that attach the torso to the legs and the arms to the torso, he can't even watch any more. But at least when Leo lifts his robot back into position, he still has the buttons in the back.

"It's so much easier when it's in the right part," Amy says, which I'm sure is small comfort. Finally Amy gets her robot together and gets the clue in second place. "Nicole, let's go!" Travis yells as Amy tells Jason she doesn't know how much she can help. I'm sure Jason's first choice would be a) none. But Amy goes over to help Nicole reconstruct her robot almost from scratch, while at the waiting area, Jason tells Travis, "This is where it gets tricky, man." Which is his polite way of saying, "Bro, Nicole is on her own in three…two…one…" Travis tells him to do what he's got to do. "Can't beg for help." No, he's leaving that to Nicole.

Jamal is getting impatient with Leo as well, as he's trying to get his right. Nicole tells Amy that if Leo gets it, Amy will have to leave, and Amy says he's not going to. Like they're standing on the deck of a sinking ship. Jason is starting to call for Amy, who says he's pissed off. "This is so frustrating," Jason says, confirming Amy's hypothesis.

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