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Coming back from the ads, the teams seem nearly neck and neck and neck and neck, battling their final pieces into place. Leo is the first to call for a check, and the judge saunters over as Leo makes a sales job out of it. After a close examination, however, the judge just shakes her head and wags her finger at him in the international language of "you loser." Glancing over, Amy can see that Leo's middle section is actually wrong. The sculpture is designed to suggest that the sax player is wearing a flashy pinstripe suit, but Leo has the suit's big, yellow buttons in the back. And while Amy can see the issue, she can also see that Leo can't. He must be a snappy dresser back home. Nicole & Amy are swapping back and forth between their robots, and when Nicole calls for a check, she doesn't get approval either and doesn't know why. Obviously the situation is the same for Amy. The Amazing Editors throw a couple of arrows up on the screen to try to show what's wrong, but it looks like the issue is with the shoulders and hands, both of which look fine to me. However, Tim and Jamal can see the actual problem from the sidelines, and so can Leo from his station. Nicole yells at Amy, "We're gonna do this together, we've been doing it together the whole time." In other words, don't abandon me now. And Travis yells impatiently, "Hey, just get it done!" Keeping it positive. A beacon for God's light. Marie is now wrestling with her robot's saxophone, which is heavy and awkward and, as far as I can tell, assembled wrong. Leo asks for another check, but he didn't fix what was wrong so he's still out of luck. Amy also asks for another check, but her issue isn't fixed either. Nicole insists they go try to get hers right, saying if they get one right they get them both right. What she doesn't say is that if Amy gets her own robot right, then she gets her own right and that's another person she's ahead of. So they go back and ask for another check and get it wrong, and Travis yells unhelpfully, "Let's go, Nicole, let's go."

Marie has more cleverly put together her robot's torso on its back and is now lifting the completed assembly into place, with Tim approves of, saying she's caught up. She checks the seams and asks for a check, and after arriving in last place, she's the first to finish the Road Block. "Alliance this," Tim says, and who could blame him?

"Tokyo is the land of vending machines," Phil says over footage of them being stocked, being serviced, being bought from, and walking around the streets. Yes, you read that right. Phil claims it "broke loose," and that "Now teams must find this roaming vending machine among the hustle and bustle of Shibuya Crossing." That's the crazy intersection that was also in TAR15, right after that season's visit to the Japanese game show. You may remember the thousands of pedestrians walking every which way, and now one of them is a drink dispenser. At least it's painted yellow and red like an Amazing Flag, so it'll be relatively easy to spot. Unlike an ordinary dark-colored vending machine walking around a city. "Thanks for not helping me, guys," Marie says to Amy and Nicole on her way out. Even Jamal says, "Wow, she came last and kicked butt!" Even me. I'm not a Marie fan, but that was straight-up awesome.

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