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Tim & Marie are the last to arrive, and Marie has to do this one as well due to her Road Block deficit. Still in his kimono from human bowling, Tim realizes that they are in fact in last place, and Marie is at a total loss as to what she's supposed to do. The issues is that she's looking all over for a full-sized model to work from, and a completed eight-foot semi-abstract cardboard saxophone player can tend to become surprisingly conspicuous in its absence. And when she asks the other women where it is, they ignore her. "They 'didn't hear' me," she interviews ironically. Don't take it personally, Marie; it's just that they hate you.

The Amazing Cameraman gets a nice shot of the tiny model, not that that helps Marie, and Tim's getting more frustrated. "Build!" he barks, as though Marie is just going to start freestyling. Leo ends up being the one to point out the tiny model to her, and Marie interviews, "So, Nicole and Amy, you are dead to me at this point? I mean, they should have helped me at that point." By what logic, Marie? What would they get out of it, and when did you offer to help anyone without getting something out of it? Meanwhile, Jason and Travis get increasingly frustrated watching Amy and Nicole trying to build the robot torso, because Jason says the menfolk would have been done and gone by now, because dudes, and robots, and building, and grrrr. Amy and Nicole get one of their robot-torsos in position and go run off to the other one as Jamal says to the camera, "I never knew there was team Road Blocks in the race. We're down to the final four to go to the top three and Nicole and Amy are still helping out each other. Which is kind of embarrassing, to tell you the truth." And the Afghanimals know all about embarrassing.

Marie is hurrying to catch up, mainly by copying the other teams' work thus far. Tim is pleased with how well she's doing. "I got Marie, Marie is as strong as both of them are together." Does he mean Amy and Nicole, or the Afghanimals? Jason agrees that Marie "knows how to use the ground as leverage and her body as leverage to put the pieces together. She's blowing by all of us." Indeed, Marie's technique is all about using her weight to force pieces together, while Amy and Nicole are more preoccupied with keeping everything oriented as it's going to be in the final product, which makes it harder to apply force in the right direction. Jamal calls out encouragement to Leo. "You can see the excitement. I can't contain it," Leo Roms. Marie is saying that it's turning out to be more physical than she thought, which is how she likes it, because she's caught up to the other women. Jason calls out to Amy that Marie's passing them, and Nicole snaps at her, "Don't look at her! Pay attention to what we're doing! Do not look at her!" Amy is serving two masters. Marie levers her robot's completed torso into place as Tim cheers her on and says she's passed the other two women. Even Jamal says, "Anyone could finish first right now. It's anyone's game." And Jason agrees that says this is getting tense. "This gets yah haht goin'." And your New England accent out.

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