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No, it's actually a Road Block. Travis says Nicole has to do this, and suddenly we're in a manufacturing plant as robot arms weld joints in time-lapse. "One third of the world's robots are made and used in Japan," Phil says. I don't know what that has to do with the time-lapse footage of an eight-foot-tall, semi-abstract sculpture of a saxophone player being constructed out of the colorful tubes, but I guess it's supposed to be a robot somehow. And the Road Blockers will each get to build one of their own. An engineer in glasses and a kimono, currently standing next to a three-inch model of what they're supposed to build that stands on a tall pedestal, will hand them their next clue when it's correctly completed. Amy and Nicole head over to examine the miniature model, which is in something like 1:32 scale. From the sidelines next to Jason, Travis advises them to work together, because he already knows Nicole is going to suck at this too without Amy's help. Amy agrees with this for some reason, as Jason warns them to make sure it's right while probably thinking, "Ohhh, crap." "It's like building Legos," Amy assures him. More like Tinkertoys, but still. I just hope this isn't indicative of a deprived childhood in which Amy regularly received boxes of drinking straws and was told they were Legos.

Leo & Jamal are now taking their turn at the Speed Bump, after watching the pros do their thing. They join the group trying to herd the rhino into position, and then the leader shoots it with a fake tranq gun, which is the signal for the zookeepers to close in and tie the nets in place. The nets also cover Leo & Jamal, but alas, they squirm loose. Jamal ends up jumping on the carcass to celebrate, so that must be pretty solidly constructed. Then they all pick it up to carry it to the truck, which Leo says is taking it back to Africa even though he also says the rhino was dead. "Sorry, rhino." Don't worry, Leo, it is neither dead, going to Africa, or a rhino.

Travis and Jason have been watching this from the Road Block waiting area, and Jason reports that they're done. Jamal gives this one to Leo after observing Amy and Nicole cooperating and referring to them as Dumb and Dumber. Unless he's talking about himself and Leo. Leo gets right to work as Jamal yells, "We're back in it! Pressure's on, ladies!" The ladies are working together on one robot, trying to put the pieces into place. Amy says she couldn't have done this by herself, either, as the tubes seem to fit pretty tightly and don't slide easily into place. But Leo seems to be catching up, even without assistance.

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