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After the end-of-season super-previouslies, in which Phil's got everyone's number, he rattles off another one: "Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, all part of the volcanic Ring of Fire." After we get a look at a few of those 17,000, we're back at last week's Pit Stop as Phil goes on, "And cascading almost 300 feet, the Cimahi waterfall will now serve as the start of the eleventh leg in a race around the world." Jason & Amy, who won their first leg ever just last week, are starting this one at 1:25 AM, and are pretty happy to be kicking things off in first place for once. Their first clue tells them to fly to Tokyo, which Phil helpfully informs us is a "modern metropolis." After landing, they'll have to find their way to Gotokuji Temple, "filled with hundreds of ceramic cat statues, a popular Japanese lucky charm that invites happiness." I say that many nearly identical grinning, waving cats invites nothing but creepiness. But that's where they'll find their next clue.

Before heading out, they find a hotel lobby with an internet terminal to do some research, and Jason interviews that their strategy is to continue to work with Nicole & Travis. "All we need is one first place and that's the last one." At the computer, Amy tells us that they've found two possible flights. One lands at 6:10 and the other at 6:20 "tomorrow morning" -- which is to say, more than 24 hours from now -- and they have connections through either Hong Kong or Bangkok, but she's not saying which is which. Her main concern, as they get in a taxi to a travel agency, is staying with the group. Bold approach, that.

Tim & Marie open their first clue an hour later, at 2:25 AM. "What's with the cats?" Marie asks after reading the clue, even before seeing the overwhelming crowd of them that lies terrifyingly in wait, like we already have. Before leaving the mat, Tim says the million dollars is theirs for the taking, and he's convinced that they're the strongest team. "We're not just an athletic team, we're smart," Tim says, though Marie appears to be the dysfunctional brains of the operation. They get in a cab to the travel agency rather than spending time on research.

Nicole & Travis are leaving at 2:26 AM, since they arrived at the mat at almost the same time as the exes. Travis is still clean-shaven as he interviews about how close they are to getting into the final group. He also adds that he grew up competing, and he's very tenacious and doesn't like to lose. Nicole says things come easy to him, and he gets frustrated when she doesn't have the same experience. "But we've been together for thirteen years and that's who he is." In other words, it looks like she's going to keep taking it.

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