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Back from the ads, Mel continues working on this, for Mike's sake. And over at Kisha's feed pile, she says, "I sure hope I have the right method right now." And she starts scooping hay into her shirt. Yes, the traditional tools in Rajasthan include a Louisville jersey. Mark and Margie aren't doing much better, using their water buckets to carry the hay. Mel finishes filling his water trough and gets ready to move on to the food. But on the way over, he notices the baskets and the rakes. "It said in the clue, use a native tool for carrying the hay," Mel interviews, and adds that most people were using the bucket for both. Which was wrong." Not that anybody's going to get penalized for using the wrong method, other than the time they're adding for themselves by being dumb. Mel loads up his first basket and starts carrying hay in it.

Tammy and Victor meet an unusual conveyance in the oncoming traffic lane: an elephant, with its face painted in bright colors. They are duly impressed. A moment later, they're through the giant pink gates of the bazaar, and soon find their clue box. Unsurprisingly, it's a Detour. Phil says this a choice between "two tasks that plunge them into the chaotic streets of Jaipur." The options are "Movers" and -- wait for it -- "Shakers." For "Movers," the teams go to Sanganeri Gate, which looks a lot like that gate through which we just saw Victor and Tammy enter the bazaar. Parked nearby are a number of bicycle rickshaws, each loaded with a towering stack of cylindrical plastic hay barrels. They have to bike a mile and a half through the streets to another gate, which looks just like the first gate. Then they have to unload all the barrels and dig through their straw to find a metal elephant that's small enough to fit into the palm of Mark or Michael's hand. Then they swap it for their next clue. Watching at home, Kristy and Lena from Season Six have nightmare flashbacks.

As for "Shakers," the teams go to a busy intersection where traditional costumes and makeup are waiting to be put on them by a group of local dancers. As Phil says, once they've been properly tarted up, they'll join "this Rajasthani dance troupe. Then they'll go into the streets and shake their hips for tips." One hundred rupees later, the bandleader will give them their next clue. And just to give you a sense of how difficult this task is, one hundred rupees converts to about two American dollars. Well, I suppose it's a poor country.

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