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The Flight Attendants are still driving through town, certain of being in last place but hoping to make up time on a physical task. As the Amber Fort comes into sight, Christie reminds us that they've come from last before. Yes, but there's only so many times you can do that. A more solid strategy would be to avoid ending up in last in the first place.

Back at the Road Block, a local is smacking a lazy camel on the ass to get it on its feet. It works, but the local is going to regret that in a minute. Indeed, once Victor has filled his water trough to the hole and gets his clue, that local gets kicked to the ground by his camel. So their positions have reversed: camel on its feet, man on the ground. I'm sure that's some kind of microcosm for something. While running to meet Victor, Tammy trips on a rock and goes down hard herself, without any help from the local fauna. Victor helps her up and rips open their clue.

To all evidence, it seems to be sending them to three different destinations. Victor reads, "Make your way to Johari Bazaar," but the Roman lettering on the sign there reads, "Ramniwas Ramgopal," whereas Phil and the chyron are simply calling it a "puppet store." Whatever the case, there's a clue box waiting there for them. Team Family Law is on its way, Tammy berating herself for her clumsiness. Maybe if she hadn't led such a privileged life she wouldn't have fallen.

Mel is getting more loudly challenged by this task, moaning with every breath. In a post-leg joint interview, with spots of red paint on their foreheads, Mike says, "I just knew that we'd be there at least a half an hour after everybody else." In situations like this, Mike needs to remember to look down at his "Yes We Can" t-shirt more often.

Jodi gets out of her cab and slams the door behind her, unaware that Christie was about to get out on that same side. At least nobody gets a finger squished this time. As they run toward the clue box, they meet Tammy and Victor coming out. "It was hard," Victor warns. He and Tammy are happy to be in their cab in first place, while Jodi joins the camel-feeding extravaganza. Christie stands and waits next to Mike, who remarks to her, "Not one for the 68-year-old." Jaime tells her guide as she empties her bucket into the trough, "I need this to be the last one." It isn't, but it's close. And at least she doesn't yell at the trough for not speaking English or being unable to drive a cab to her satisfaction. Kisha has better luck, and is ready to move on to the hay portion of the task. Mike is still regretting letting his dad do this. "I wish I'd known what the challenge was, and I would have done it in a second instead of watching my dad have to go... schlep." I don't know how many TAR recaps I've used the word "schlep" in before, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've had to put it in quotation marks. Mel is having the same regrets, but it's too late to do anything about it. "Sorry, Mike," he calls up when his last bucketful comes up short. This counterexample is as good a time as any to remark on the confusing irony of how Michael's partner always calls him "Mike" and Mike's partner always calls him "Michael." Because these recaps aren't confusing enough for you to read.

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