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Mark and Michael's cabbie passes Luke and Margie's. "It's just a race to get to this Ahmed Parking," Margie says, I think just sticking what is the most Indian-sounding word she can think of in front of the word "parking." Too bad "Ahmed" is Arabic. Next the Stuntmen pass the Whites, and Team Go Team. "Just let them pass, thanks," Jaime snorts at her driver. He's probably like, "All righty, you betcha." "I don't like to play Indy 500 in foreign countries," Jen says as the Stuntmen pass them. What's even worse is losing Indy 500 in foreign countries. "We definitely got one of the best drivers in India," Michael chuckles. From a sample of seven, he can tell this.

While Tammy watches Victor finish up with the hay, she says this'll please their dad. "He thinks that Victor and I have led such a privileged life," she explains. Victor encourages his camels to be patient as Tammy reports that other taxis may be arriving. Indeed, a moment later, all five teams are running up and down the shoulder of the road, looking for the clue box and weaving through the crowds that include an actual, literal snake charmer. The sisters reach the clue box first, followed by the Stuntmen, then Team Go Team and the Whites. The clue reads, "Be the maharah's [sic] caregiver" (according to Mark), before they open it, and it's going to Jaime, Kisha, Mark, Margie, and...uh-oh, Mel. As the cheerleaders jog over to the paddock, Cara tells Jaime, "You're awesome with animals." It's people she can't seem to deal with. Kisha re-reads her clue standing right next to a camel, and is distracted when it hilariously sticks its face in hers. It's not polite to read over people's shoulders, camel. Jaime, as usual, doesn't know what to do, and gets frustrated when the guides can't tell her anything and she's left there holding a bucket and demanding, "Do you understand English?" Finally she runs off saying, "Dang it, you're annoying me." "Oh, that's my Jaime," Cara says from the spectators' area with the rest of them. Nobody congratulates her on being saddled with the season's designated Ugly American.

The five Road Block workers get busy making the run between their camels and the water trough. "That's why other teams call Mom "Bionic Woman," Luke remarks in an interview. Mark annoys some locals by ululating at them. Seriously. Kisha's not loving this task. "I never had to take care of livestock, ever," she says. "I never even had a pet." Jaime and Margie are sort of quietly urging themselves along as they go, but since Mel doesn't have enough wind to do that himself, a little boy along his route shoos him along, barking, "Fast! Go fast!" Awesome. Mel's clearly struggling with this, and from the sidelines, Mike says it was Mel's turn to do the Road Block, but maybe they made the wrong call. "So, no signs of the blondes?" he asks, both changing the subject and providing an opportunity to drop in a segue.

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