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Christie and Jodi are still in their cab, saying that everything needs to go right for them, though nothing has. Victor and Tammy pass them on their way out, confirming for themselves that they're in first place and congratulating Babu on his sterling work. The Flight Attendants, by contrast, are having "not a good feeling." How long does it take to pump gas in India, anyway?

Back at the tree, Margie is the first to realize that the phones don't belong. How will she take advantage of this knowledge? "For your next clue, dial one of these numbers!" she hollers out to everyone. So basically she just broadcast key information on the race to everyone but her partner. And then she lets Kisha and Jen jump ahead of her. While a line forms, Mark suggests Michael check for another phone, and it turns out there is one. The teams get their poorly-understood messages and run off in the following order: Kisha|Jen, Team Go Team, Margie|Luke (Margie actually tells the recording, "I'm sorry, I don't understand," and they decide to just follow the cheerleaders), and Mel and Mike, leaving the Stuntmen the first of this group to arrive and the last of the group to get their clue. Kisha asks their driver, "Do you know a mad football?" Without missing a beat, he corrects, "Amber Fort." He gets that question a lot? Jaime and Cara sit in the back of their cab, but their driver is up ahead chatting with his colleagues instead of in the car. So of course Jaime yells at him to come back and drive them now. But at least Cara's nice to him once they get moving again, which both makes him feel better and reinforces my sense of which of them is which. The Whites' driver, still eager to make up for locking their luggage away from them earlier, tells them, "You will win definitely, I promise." Margie's just hoping for the best by staying with the pack, and finally the Stuntmen leave, in sixth place.

Christie and Jodi meet the other five cars coming back, and arrive at the tree shortly thereafter, knowing they're in last place. They don't find a clue box, but Jodi is quick to figure out the incongruity of the phone, and she picks it up. "Hopefully we can turn it around here," she says as they hurry back to their cab with their directions.

"That is the Amber Fort, that yellow building," Babu tells Tammy and Victor as they come in sight of a huge fortress on a large hill. Do I have to tell you the color of the fortress? Okay, it's kind of a yellowish-amber. He parks in the designated lot and Tammy and Victor run to the clue box near where the road passes the base of the hill. "Road Block!" Victor sings out. Phil tells us that "one person must work in the shadow of this maharajah fort and care for one of India's most prized animals, the camel." Each player will pick a group of camels and use "traditional tools" to carry food and water to them. These traditional tools are a metal bucket for water, and big baskets the size of laundry hampers for hay. How very exotic. They have to bring the camels enough water to fill a trough up to a hole drilled high on one end, and enough hay to pile around a pole sticking out of the ground, up to a mark that's about knee-high. It looks to be about a hundred yards from the supplies to the camels, so this is not a minor task. Tammy suggests Victor do this one, and he agrees. As she goes back behind the road's guardrail to watch, he gets off to an inauspicious start, tripping in front of the hay pile and trying to load some into his water bucket. "Are you doing the right thing, Victor?" she calls out. He belatedly notices the baskets and the rakes that are intended for the hay and gets to work with those. "This is a better tool anyway," he duhs. Well, points to him for listening to Tammy and not insisting that what he was doing was right. But then as he runs, he nearly drops the basket and runs face-first into the resulting cloud of hay. "Tammy, camel feed doesn't taste that good," he reports back. And that's coming from a guy who's been living on airplane food for the last two weeks.

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