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Mel and Mike get in a cab, only to find out that their driver doesn't know where they're going. Meanwhile, the Stuntmen and Margie|Luke are scampering around in search of cabs of their own. Mark chases Luke and Margie away from one, saying, "This is our car," but then having to call Michael over to join him. Classy. I know the Race doesn't really have any rules about cab poaching, but letting half a team override a full one doesn't seem cool. However, Margie and Luke don't press the point. Way to bulldoze the deaf kid, Mark. Passing a small group of faithful kneeling for prayer on a traffic island, Team Go Team are also following a cabbie and making sure he has gas to get them there. Off they go. But the Whites are having trouble: they're trying to fire their cabbie and get their stuff out of the trunk rather than wait for him to find out where he's going, but he's not about to let go of a fare that easily; he runs off for directions, leaving their bags trapped inside. "Not cool," Mike says, which for him is the equivalent of a corrosive stream of profanity. Meanwhile, Kisha|Jen get out of there in fifth place and Margie and Luke in sixth. That leaves the Whites stranded in last place, and Mike reaches into the open window to find the cab's trunk release button. He does get it open, but their driver returns just in time, now knowing exactly where he's headed. As they drive off, Mel loudly chants, "Go! Go! Go!" His frustration is apparent as he tells the driver that they have to catch the other teams, now that they're far behind. "You don't worry. I do my best drive, very fast," the driver promises, and they calm right down and thank him. Mel tells us, "This Race is certainly isn't important enough to dehumanize someone else by yelling and screaming at them, so I'm going to feel bad about it for the rest of the day." Oh, man, how can you not love Mel? Even if he is on the wrong show? He wasn't even that harsh. Ride with Jaime some time, Mel. You'll feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Christie and Jodi catch a bad break: their driver is stopping for gas. "Does he not have a hurry button?" This is really not what they need right now. What rotten luck. Nice job, Jodi's daughter.

You know the traffic in this city is crazy when a near-miss freaks out a couple of stuntmen. "I would not want to be a taxi driver in this town," Michael says as they pass a cart so overladen that the horse that's supposed to be pulling it has been lifted off its front feet. Jaime points out monkeys to Cara. Kisha and Jen aren't loving the traffic, here in a place where the center line is clearly taken as a suggestion. Margie comments that it's different from what they're used to. "That cow is eating trash," Luke signs in disgust. Nobody's going to get a decent burger out of that animal, that's for sure. As the view out the window deteriorates, Michael comments, "They got fires in the streets, kids running around naked...definitely not one of your better parts of town." It's also affecting Jaime: "Seeing all the stray dogs and the cows and the goats just wandering around with no food makes me so sad," she says tearfully. Luke is also in tears, but more because of the plight of humans. "We've seen some children eating garbage back there," Margie explains. "It's just overwhelming to see people have to live this way." She pats Luke's shoulder as they realize how lucky they are, but Luke is so inconsolable at such poverty that the show has to stop for a minute so we can learn about what stuff we should be buying.


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