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Kisha and Jen are leaving the Pit Stop at 1:28. Kisha interviews that they're getting along better than they were before, and she's bothered about the fighting early on that marred this "once in a lifetime opportunity." Which it is, of course. I mean, there's always the possibility of another all-stars season, but these two probably shouldn't bank on it.

The Whites make a big entrance tot the airport terminal, Mel looking up at the sign over the counters and asking the other three teams, "Would you fly on an airline named Kacca?" General laughter, although I doubt the ticket agents join in. They may have heard that one before. Meanwhile, the Stuntmen and the sisters pay their cabbies outside the airport.

The Flight Attendants, Christie and Jodi, are way at the back of the pack at 3:09 a.m., plus they've got a Speed Bump to contend with at some time during this leg. As they ride to the airport in the cab, Jodi narrates that she's a single mother, and she's wearing her daughter's name on her bracelet. She says her daughter's an excellent good luck charm, and they could use some luck right now. So no pressure or anything, kiddo. By the way, how do you feel about going to college someday?

"All teams are now flying to Moscow," Phil says over footage of a plane lifting off. From there, the Amazing Red Line goes straight to New Delhi, where Phil says, "They've all booked travel on the 5:40 a.m. flight to Jaipur, India." Man, I sure don't miss the airport wrangling this season. In the old days, the Novosibirsk airport would have been the scene of about ten minutes of footage we didn't need to see. It just makes the whole episode go so much faster. If not the recapping.

Lots of local color b-roll introduces us to Jaipur. Suddenly the Racers are dashing across the tarmac in the early-morning twilight. The Whites and Team Family Law appear to be in the lead, and a car nearly liberates Victor from his corporeal form by backing over him as he and Tammy follow the cabbie they've engaged. Tammy reads from the clue that they're looking for a sacred tree called Peepli Ka Pedh, which according to Google doesn't exist outside of this episode, at least not with that spelling. Which is fine with me; I don't really need The Amazing Race to desecrate any more holy sites at this point. Tammy and Victor introduce us to their taxi driver, "Babu, who is going to take us to victory." And who will thus be tipped handsomely, let's hope.

Christie and Jodi get into their cab in second place, so they have no excuse for what happens later. They comment on all the car horns being blown at all times, and Christie remarks, "If I lived here, I would get the rockinest horn you've ever heard." The soundtrack helpfully chimes in with a blaring saxophone trill. Not rockin'.

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