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Mel and Mike finish the Detour and get into their cab for the Pit Stop. As they drive off, Mike notices that Margie's gotten pink lipstick smeared on her teeth. "She looked hilarious," he says. Indeed, she does look like a demented drag queen, or as though half of her teeth have vanished into her lips. Luke even ribs her about it in the post-leg interview.

The Flight Attendants are still painting the elephant, but the music is getting kind of sad as they drop down into slo-mo. And if that weren't enough of a giveaway, Jodi is getting tearful as she interviews post-leg about her daughter. "I want her to know that anything that she can do in life, she can do it." That's a bold claim. "Just find a way to make it happen. And to never quit. No matter what, you don't quit." Yes, we know, they're screwed. Actually, aside from the slow cab driver and the Speed Bump, they didn't have as many setbacks as in previous legs. But then, they get to the last Pit Stop ninety minutes after the second-to-last team, so maybe they deserved one or two more.

Jaime and Cara have their hundred rupees, and they hand it over, getting their clue in third place. But then when they try to go back to their cab, they can't find him. They climb up on low walls and shit to try to spot him, and at the same time, Jaime tries to make it easier for the driver to find her by commencing a distinctive stream of bitching. We cut away from them briefly as the Flight Attendants finish their Speed Bump and get their clue, and when we come back to Team Go Team, they still can't find their cabdriver. Which wouldn't be so bad, except for the nontrivial fact that all their stuff is in the taxi. Margie and Luke are finishing up in fourth, and they encounter the cheerleaders while they're still looking for the cabbie, who they're beginning to think simply stole their bags. Luke's like, "Let's go," and drags Margie off, either not knowing or not caring about their allies' predicament. Just then, Team Go Team's cabbie reappears, so Jaime can berate him face-to-face. Both teams' cabs head off to the pit stop. Kisha and Jen are also finishing the Detour. And Mark and Michael have arrived at their destination without getting lost, which makes me wonder if they paid their cabbie to lead them there. But of course they still need to find their elephant.

Christie and Jodi, still firmly in last place, return to the Detour box and opt for Shakers. "We don't search well," Jodi understates. Kisha and Jen are getting their clue and taking off just as Christie and Jodi arrive. In their cab, Jen says they don't know how many teams are left. They do spot Mark and Michael, struggling with their hay barrels as they head out of the bazaar. The Stuntmen start digging for their elephant as Christie and Jodi start schlepping for tips. They're soon up to fifty, but the Stuntmen have yet to find even half of a tiny elephant. Could the Flight Attendants have one more life in them after all?

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