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"Rupees, rupees, for the Red Cross," Mel calls out. I do hope that's true. Just imagine the good they'll be able to do with the twelve dollars the Racers are raising for them. He hands some over to Mike, but they're not quite there yet. Kisha and Jen are already at work, and Jen says she has no problem "acting the fool." Who thought she would be? She's the only one who wasn't embarrassed running through Siberia in her underwear. Margie and Luke are also dancing for their tips, and suddenly the camera zooms in on Luke and all the ambient noise -- which is considerable -- falls away as we hear Margie translating for him in an interview. "Deaf people don't hear music. My ears are broken, so I had to use my eyes more. I read people's faces. See how they act." Then the noise comes rushing back. It's very Saving Private Ryan, only way more colorful. Luke says he danced a bit, but Margie was dancing more while Luke hung back. Jaime and Cara are also scoring some rupees. They all seem to be working different areas, because we never see them on each other's cameras. Plus if one team wrings two bucks out of one block, what chance do any of the other teams have?

Mark and Michael ride in their cab to the first gate, spot the heavily laden bicycles, and hop on to join the traffic with their giant hay loads. "Crazy American," Mark sings out. I wonder how many of his inane remarks never make it into the final edit.

Jodi and Christie find the puppet store, and the Speed Bump sign with their faces pasted to it. Phil reminds us that as the team who came in last during the previous, non-elimination leg, only they must complete this task. Too bad they're already in last place. They have to get to the Kala Hanuman Temple (or, from the looks of it, the alley behind it). Waiting there for them is an elephant, whose face they must paint in a multitude of colors, just like the one Tammy and Victor saw earlier. Who knew India had such a large population of sports-fanatic elephants? The pattern's already stenciled out, so it's not like they have to come up with a design or anything. When the mahout, or elephant trainer, is satisfied (shot of the mahout nodding grimly), they get to rejoin the Race. Next thing we know, Jodi and Christie are arriving in the courtyard, where they almost immediately fall in love with their elephant as they paint him. Either that, or they're trying to disguise their instant crushes on the handsome young Mahout.

Shots of the other five teams in mid-Detour, and then we're at the Pit Stop, which along with its spectacular views seems to feature a rather large monkey population. Tammy and Victor arrive, unload their stuff from their cab, and run up the many ramps and stairs, all the way to the roof of the fortress. There's Phil, standing in front of the mat and next to a local who's happily playing a pair of wooden flutes: one in each nostril. Phil nods along gamely to the music as Team Family Law runs up. "Welcome to Jaipur, India," the greeter says slowly and musically from behind a gigantic moustache. Phil doesn't try to stretch out the suspense as he tells them they're team number one. And their prize is a pair of ocean kayaks, which they're both really excited about. In their post-leg interview, Victor says, "Tammy and I have recovered really well since our travesty in Romania." You think?

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