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It's down to the Stuntmen and the Flight Attendants at the Road Block, and Mark finishes first. Jodi isn't far behind, but they've still got that Speed Bump to face. "All it takes is for one other team to get bad luck and we're still in it," Christie says. Jodi gives her a half-smile that looks like nerve damage.

Team Family Law has accumulated its 100 rupees, and Victor leads them back to where they started. "We go to that guy and we show him the money," he says. Which they do, and they get their clue sending them to the Pit Stop. Phil says that this week, that would be Jaigarh Fort, a sprawling 15th-century fortress. They don't tell us this, but Jaigarh Fort is actually just up the hill from Amber Fort. The Racers are going to be wearing a track across Rajasthan this week. Oh, and the last team to check in may be eliminated. Clearly that isn't going to be Tammy and Victor, as they get in the cab talking about how much fun they had. Victor's already making a mental note to look into joining the next Pride Day parade.

Mel and Mike go with the same option. "My dad had done enough heavy lifting for the day," Mike interviews. "So the dancing seemed like it was a more feasible enterprise." They get dolled up and start learning the dances. Which, there isn't much to them, at least as the Racers perform them. You just sort of jump up and down, waving the arm that isn't currently holding the tip bag. On second thought, maybe a hundred rupees is a bit too ambitious.

Meanwhile, the four teams behind them are all still pretty close together. The Stuntmen's kick-ass cabdriver has caught up with the pack, and Jaime is complaining about all the honking. Unfortunately the honking isn't loud enough to drown out her bitching. They spot Mel and Mike in mid-dance. "How do they always do things so fast?" they wonder. As the Whites continues to work the streets, Mike interviews. "It's so colorful. You just see people...I mean, there's such poverty, but there's also such festivity, and the people were so generous." Excellent point. Two bucks or not, I do hope the Racers don't get to keep this money.

Kisha and Jen arrive at the puppet store next, but Kisha overshoots the clue box, allowing the Stuntmen to get there in third place. They opt for the bicycle rickshaws, because of course they can never pass up a chance to show off their physical prowess. They don't seem worried that this task also calls for finding-shit prowess, of which they do not possess a great deal. Kisha|Jen, Margie|Luke, and Team Go Team are all doing Shakers, because they would rather do well in the Race than prove how awesome they are.

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