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Tammy and Victor are opting for Shakers. They quickly find the dance troupe on the correct corner. They step into one-person horse costumes and submit to having some garish makeup applied. "I hope Tammy and I are breaking the stereotypes of lawyers all across the world," Victor says. They get to work dancing with the locals, who are making a huge racket with drums and other instruments. Victor interviews that he could never imagine himself "putting on makeup in the middle of a city street and dancing and begging for money. I did not feel discomfort at all." He may be shattering lawyer stereotypes, but the stereotype of the uptight dude who begins to discover his true self by looking and acting outrageous in public fits him like a glove.

Back at the Road Block, Mel seems to have taken the lead with his basket technique, as Kisha, Margie, and Jaime are still using their shirt and buckets, respectively, to carry the hay. "Think smart, Mark, think smart," Mark says as he does the same. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be listening to himself. The Amazing Editors underline the point with a shot of the large pile of idle baskets. Jodi finishes carrying the water and moves on to the hay as well. Finally, Kisha notices what Mel's doing and marvels, "Oh, you can use that! Shut the hell up!" She quickly switches methods. From the spectator area, Luke calls out, "Mom!" then yells/signs, "Basket, basket!" Margie and Jaime get right on that. "All that work for nothing," Jaime sighs, exaggerating as usual. No word on what Mark is doing. It's entirely possible he got lost on his latest trip between the haystack and his camels.

Tammy and Victor are still working hard for their tips, and actually getting some. And plenty of blank stares, too, not that they care.

Mike watches his dad with his fingers crossed. Jodi is wisely carrying her basket atop her head, but it's Mel who finishes in second place. The man does know how to almost blow a Road Block and then pull it out, doesn't he? They're on their way to Johari Bazaar, Mike congratulating Mel the whole way. "My dad just smoked the Road Block," Mike says in the cab. Don't say "smoked," Mike; Mel's having trouble breathing right now. "I got hay fever," he coughs. I can't even imagine what that task would have done to my allergies. Of course, I'm also allergic to waking up early, getting lost, traffic, and airport security lines, so maybe this race isn't for me.

Jaime finishes next, followed closely by Margie, then Kisha. The three teams are out of there in rapid succession, but with Kisha and Jen's cab in first. "Move!" Jaime snaps charmingly at their driver. Once they're underway, she announces, "I've got hay all down my chest and in my boobies. I used my boobies to transport the hay." Obligatory reaction shot from the driver. Or it's just an insert of one of the many times he must have checked behind him to make sure Jaime wasn't about to smack him.

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