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Phil welcomes us back to Novosibirsk, which I am not surprised to learn is the largest city in Siberia. Phil addresses us from the now-empty stage of the Novosibirsk Ballet and Opera Theater -- which is also known as "The Siberian Coliseum" and happens to be the largest theater in Russia -- reminding us that this was the sixth Pit Stop. We flash back to last week's arrivals, when this beautiful and august place was granted even greater respect by having seven Americans run around inside it in their underwear.

Because Margie and Luke arrived first, at 12:18 p.m., they're leaving tonight at 12:18 a.m. "Fly to the Pink City in India," Margie reads from the clue, while Luke is struck mute with excitement and also from being deaf. In case you're like me and don't happen to know what India's "Pink City" is, other than that it is likely the ancestral home of Kelly Kapoor, Phil's here to help. With a nod to the fact that the Racers are leaving the "freezing Siberian climate," he narrates that they're off to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. As for its nickname, he explains, "It was "dressed in pink for royal visitors in 1876 and today is known as the Pink City." Wow, Jaipur, resting on your laurels much? At least a big gate they show is still being kept in fresh pink paint, even if the rest of the city isn't. Phil goes on to say that this isn't their final destination: from the Jaipur airport, they'll need to race by taxi to a remote village, there to find a sacred tree called Peepli Ka Pedh, under which they'll find their next clue. As Margie and Luke score a taxi, Luke solo-interviews, "I'm very happy with my mom as a teammate. It's good harmony. My mom is doing all the communicating and I'm doing all the strategizing." I wonder what Margie would say about that. Did I mention this is a solo interview? In the cab to the airport, they talk about how India is going to be a rather different experience for them. You know what would be different for me? A season of The Amazing Race in which they don't go to India.

Tammy and Victor are leaving in second place, at 12:24, and Victor seems pretty excited about going to the Pink City. I'm just saying. As they get in their cabs, Victor interviews about how he's always played the role that's expected of him as the eldest son in an Asian family. "The race is liberating, because this is an opportunity for me to be out there, to be extroverted, to do the unexpected." He's been out there, all right. Back in the cab, he reads the part of the clue that specifically instructs them to connect through Moscow. Normally I would assume that this means someone is going to screw up and make their transfer in Tokyo, but I keep forgetting that Kelly and Christie were on the show last season.

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