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Gary and Mallory scramble to the top of the book stack, wearing their headlamps in the evening darkness, and agree on "Water Table." In the car on the way there, Mallory tells us, "It took me three years to win Miss Kentucky, and I won on my last year. You have to keep going, because you just can never give up." I wonder how many years it'll take her to win the Amazing Race.

Brook and Claire get their frankincense while Nick and Vicki are still searching for Ali Baba in a suit, fortunately with the continued help of their local. Soon they find them and are on their way to the Pit Stop in third place. Brook and Claire are so close behind them that driving past, Nick remarks, "There goes that ____ Brook and Claire again." Does he kiss his ______ with that mouth?

Gary and Mallory are going to have to fill their water truck in the dark. "When it fills up it's gonna drench you," Gary warns. Mallory makes some characteristically wacky faces and noises, but soon the truck is full and they're on their way. "Now we need to go fast," Gary says. Now they need to?

Nick/Vicki and Team QVC are both on the hunt for the palace. Nick asks Vicki, "Where the heck are you taking us?" But she successfully got them there, and they're team number three, which is clearly a lot better than they thought. I'd say it's also better than they deserve, but they ran a solid leg this time. Even more surprised are Brook and Claire, who clearly were so convinced they were done that after shrieking in shocked joy, they swarm not only each other but Phil.

Nat and Kat have just finished hooking up their hose to the house, with the western sky still looking suspiciously light somewhere. "That's the best shower I've had in a couple of days," Kat says after getting leaked on. They get the pump started and get back in the truck. "What a day today, "Kat says. Not over yet. Still.

It's much darker wherever Gary and Mallory are getting directions at a convenience store, but they're still passed by Nat and Kat on their return ride to the well. The teams spot each other, and Gary and Mallory taste possible survival while Nat and Kat are totally spooked. The former team soon gets the water delivered, and they're on their way again. You know, this leg isn't a six-way race so much as three two-way races, and now that the first two are over, the third one is finally picking up.

But now we see that Nat and Kat have already gotten their frankincense at the souq, so they're going to be tough to catch. Or maybe they won't, as we next see them wandering down an empty, abandoned alley in search of Ali Baba.

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