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inside. When they find a ring, they'll swap it for a clue with a dude sitting on a rug. Stephanie doesn't want to do this one, so Chad's taking it. He's certainly had good luck with rings today so far. It's not until he gets to the edge and sees what he's in for that he reacts. "It was the Grand Canyon of Oman," Stephanie says. After getting all geared up with harness and helmet and body cam and three layers of bubble wrap (not really), he goes over the edge and heads down.

Jill and Thomas arrive in second place, and since Jill is doing this Road Block, let's hope she can do rappel better than she can pronounce it. At least she laughs when Thomas corrects her. "I'm gonna rapple down," she jokes. He just corrects her some more.

Chad's enjoying himself, and when he reaches the ledge, a guide is there to help unhook him and then get off-camera as quickly as possible. Then it's Jill's turn to start down, and she looks pretty nervous, with her tiny little helmet perched on the back of her head, where it will provide much-needed protection for her ponytail. She admits to a fear of heights. Chad, meanwhile, has found the lamp field, and stars rummaging among them. Jill nervously inches down.

Nat and Kat are wondering if they should stop for directions somewhere, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to stop unless they want to ask the shoulder of the highway. Gary, meanwhile, is certain that they "made a fatal mistake by coming to the north side." Mallory insists that's what the map said, but she doesn't know what to do now. Well, way to go, then.

Jill has finished her "rapple" and is happy to be back on solid ground. Chad finds a lamp with a ring in it almost as soon as she shows up behind him. He swaps the ring for a clue and scampers off, while Jill is still searching. I wasn't sure how they were going to reunite with their teammates up top after finding the ring, but I think they run up a more indirect footpath back to the peak, which is at least a little more challenging than just getting winched back up or something. They open their next clue sending them to a landmark in the town of Nizwa, namely a "giant stack of books." Which just sounds like a big, unfurnished, outdoor library, so it would more accurately be described as a stack of giant books, forming a short, blunt pyramid in the center of a roadway roundabout. And, unfortunately, reminding me of nothing more than the crap that passed for landmarks in the family edition, which is probably not what they intended to do. Still, that's where their next clue is. Chad and Stephanie get in their car to be driven back down the mountain, hoping to hold onto their lead. Hey, why not take a little snooze in the back seat during the ride?

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