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Gone with the "1"

In the correct Dump, Ernie has finally gotten to the numbers part of the clue, but when he goes to type "715," there's a dramatic "blatt-blatt!" on the soundtrack score as he notices the distinct absence of a 1 key. And Jeremy and Sandy are getting back in their cab, as the driver already knows Margaret Mitchell's house. Too bad he didn't know what it was called. Ernie is still stymied by the onelessness of his typewriter, and goes back to his clue as though another look will make it a different number. "Our lead is now gone," Sandy says, having just gotten the memo. Although it's understandable that the memo arrived late, if Ernie's typing it.

Back from the ads, Ernie attempts to use both "I" and "i" for the 1, with no luck. "This is not good," he says. No, it's not, but that's not Ernie's fault. On their way there, Sandy reminds Jeremy, "We gotta nail it, honey. Don't argue, just stay positive." Cindy's still waiting outside. Ernie searches the typebars (okay, I had to look that word up so I'm not that old) for something that looks like a numeral "1" and lands on the lower-case "l," so after a few more keystrokes, he's finished with the task, still in first place. He excitedly carries his freshly typed clue outside, where Cindy vaults the porch railing to join him and Ben at the cab. So now what? Well, Phil explains, "Teams must now figure out the numbers on their clue commemorate Hall of Famer Hank Aaron's [jersey number 44] 715 home runs, which in 1974 broke the all-time homerun record." Okay, sure. And then what? Apparently Aaron's achievement is "memorialized on this former outfield wall at Turner Field. It's here the teams will find their next clue." Looks like Cindy's borrowing Ben's phone yet again. But after she's been on the phone a while, Ernie says, "Let's go to the nearest hotel." Look who's working magic!

Jeremy and Sandy roll up to the Margaret Mitchell house, and Jeremy's got the door open and his foot on the pavement before the minivan has even come to a complete stop. Good thing there was a camera behind Scarlett to catch that. Sandy takes the Roadblock. Out on the porch, Jeremy explains how Sandy's better at this kind of thing, while Sandy rolls the paper in and says, "This is not a Mac." Indeed.

Ernie and Cindy walk into a fancy, modern hotel lobby and ask, "Is there an Internet we can use?" Why yes, here is an Internet. Please leave it on the desk when you're done. No, not really; a clerk leads them over and offers to let them use Google, even letting them come around behind the front desk. "Not normally, but just for this time," he says. Cindy seems just as excited about this special treatment as she is about closing in on the million-dollar prize.

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