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Inside, Jeremy and Sandy walk across the gangplank into one of the simulators. Jeremy's pretty excited about this, but Sandy's convinced she'll get airsick. "Does this really move?" she asks as she enters. Nope, they're just mounted on hydraulics to look cool. Marcus is also impressed with how real it looks inside. Ernie and Cindy, meanwhile, are finally pulling up outside in last place. Although given their pattern of starting strong and blowing it, maybe starting in last place is the best thing that could happen to them.

Jeremy is still more excited than Sandy about the whole simulator scene, so it's probably good that he's in the captain's seat with Sandy as copilot. The instructor, in a seat behind them, gets ready to show them how to steer on the ground. On first viewing I thought this meant they would have to take off and land, because I forgot the part that comes immediately after landing.

Marcus is pretty ambivalent about his first time in a flight simulator. "I don't like flying. Flying is nerve-wracking for me." But he says it's new and fascinating. Amani looks a little nervous as well.

Enrie and Cindy are both excited as they enter their simulator, with Ernie in the captain's seat. Their instructor tells copilot Cindy that it's her job to maintain a constant airspeed of 135 knots. "Let's get it right the first time," Cindy tells a nervous-looking Ernie.

In one of the other simulators, Sandy repeats that she's going to throw up. She keeps saying that and not doing it. It's Legoland all over again. Amani remarks, as Marcus gets their simulator "moving," that she should have taken a motion-sickness pill. Ernie already has his and Cindy's fake plane swerving down the runway. Jeremy does a run-through of his pre-landing checklist, and soon all three teams are up in the fake air. They sound all businesslike, speaking tersely to each other about flaps and landing gear lights, and it's a pretty tense moment as they all approach their fake runways. I do hope they're not about to have a fake collision.

At 500 feet, Ernie deactivates the autopilot. "500 feet, go outside," Sandy tells Jeremy. Amani tells Marcus the same. "One dot above," Cindy tells Ernie, whatever that means, although I'm guessing it has to do with angle of descent. Ernie disagrees with her assessment, but it's moot because she's let their fake airspeed drop to 100, so their fake plane goes into a fake stall. The instructor explains how the copilot has to maintain airspeed, and since that didn't happen, they basically fell out of the air. "That attempt was unsuccessful," he sums up. "Sorry, my bad," Cindy says as Ernie rolls his eyes. Control freak, control!

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