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Then it's one last appearance of the Amazing Red Line (at least the animated version -- stay tuned for a live-action reprise), going nearly due north from Panama to Atlanta, and we're there, complete with lots of skyline shots over a growling blues guitar on the soundtrack. The plane lands, and it's the usual panicked race out of the jetway, with Ernie and Cindy first, Jeremy and Sandy second and Amani and Marcus last.

Ernie and Cindy are also the first team out of the building, but the first taxi driver they talk to has a blurred face and no idea where the Atlanta Learning Center is. Amani and Marcus are asking directions from someone inside. Jeremy and Sandy, after talking to a dispatcher at the taxi stand, find a driver and Jeremy immediately demands to see that he has a full tank of gas. "Show me show me show me!" Good strategy, but hard to imagine how it could have been executed more rudely. You're in Georgia, dude, not Missouri. He also confirms that the driver has "navigation," and they hop in. Ernie and Cindy, meanwhile, can't seem to find a driver at all. Amani and Marcus get into another cab and give the address, which they must have gotten while inside the building and which Ernie and Cindy still don't have. But Team Control gets into a minivan-cab anyway, offering to pay the driver "a lot." Cindy borrows the driver's flip-phone even before they pull out. Jeremy and Sandy's driver is on his own phone, and Sandy tells him not to tell the other drivers where they're going. I guess that's a reaction to what happened in Panama, but she may not be fully aware that if her driver hadn't straightened out Ernie and Cindy's driver Juan in Panama, she'd be running this leg against the snowboarders. Amani frets at her and Marcus's driver about how serious the race they're in is, as demonstrated by how she's breathing. "Every second in this last leg counts," Cindy says in their taxi, which could be anywhere in the leg at this point (they're driving past lots of trees that look like the view out the window during the final approach to the Finish Line, I'm just saying).

Jeremy and Sandy are the first team to arrive at FlightSafety International, which looks like it practically adjoins the airport, going by the aerial shot of the white, hangar-like building. Amani and Marcus pull up just as Jeremy and Sandy rush up to the old-school clue box standing outside.

It's a Roadblock, and Phil narrates, "Just miles from the busiest airport in the world, and the corporate center for some of the biggest airlines in the country, teams will take to the sky one more time in a multimillion-dollar Learjet flight simulator." Phil's standing in the simulator hangar among the big white pods whose interiors are completely tricked out like Learjet cockpits, complete with a video display for the front windows. An instructor will teach them how to operate it, and they'll have to make a safe fake landing from 2,500 feet in order to get their next clue. Jeremy and Sandy head inside and introduce themselves to one of the flight instructors waiting in the lobby. No need to forget their manners. Amani and Marcus read the clue outside and run in, Amani saying, "Get your pilot on." I think I also heard that line on Pan Am, but in a completely different context.

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