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Marcus and Amani start out at 12:06 AM (because everyone arrived at pretty much the same time last week, as you recall), and are pretty thrilled to be "going home, baby." Amani interviews that they deserve to still be here, after all their comebacks. Again, I think they'd be even more deserving if they hadn't had quite so many goaways. Marcus, who really needs to get into some kind of 12-step program for people who can't stop using football analogies, compares this leg to the Super Bowl. "Home field advantage," he says in the cab. Most teams don't get that at the Super Bowl, do they? It'll be really embarrassing if they lose now.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive first at the airport, and Jeremy seems reluctant to part with as much money as their driver wants for his fare, not that we ever see anything come of it. Team Control and Team NFL arrive next, only to find all the ticket counters closed for the night. So thanks for making them leave at midnight for no reason, I'm sure they're all thinking. Team Control encounters Team Pre-Owned and they commiserate over the final leg being set in Atlanta. "Yeah, we're a little excited," Amani understates as she joins them. Looks like they'll all be on the same flight, of course, after what Cindy calls their one last night at the airport. I bet one thing they'll miss the least is trying to rest with their bodies threaded under those armrests at airport gates. Although Amani and Marcus made sleeping at the Amsterdam airport look so inviting I want to fly there just to spend the night at the gate sometime.

The next morning, they all head right up to the ticket counters to buy their seats to Atlanta, and Amani has a little trouble not looking smug about it. They're all on the 8:30 flight, so if the show is ever to recapture the glory of the original Guido edit, it's not going to be this season. Marcus us pretty happy about completing their trip around the world and finishing it "in the area we call home. Feels amazing." That goes away. While waiting to board, Ernie says he's ready to work some magic today. "I've been working magic the whole race," Cindy says. Ernie agrees quickly, easily, sincerely and most of all wisely. Jeremy says there are no more friends, and he's ready to do what it takes to jump in front of people, as if anyone likes him anyway. Marcus kicks off another football metaphor and tells us, "We just have to go out and get it done." They board the plane, and Ernie in particular looks as nervous as if he just found out they'll be making the trip with one engine.

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