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They group-hug Phil, and then he reminds them of something they apparently told him at the end of the last leg about wanting to win the race so badly, "because you wanted to make some real change in the world." That must have happened off-camera. He invites them to explain to the group, and Cindy says they want to "create an organization that can really multiply the million and help those who are really in need. We've been around the world and all of us have met the most amazing people who are so happy, but they just need a little bit extra. You know? And we want to be able to help them, inspire them to live a little better and to contribute to the global economy." In other words, all the other teams are jerks for wanting the money for themselves. Phil wonders what their families are saying watching this, and Ernie says his are probably passed out in disbelief (all except his brother, who I suspect is plotting revenge), while Cindy says hers are probably saying, "I knew you'd win." She reiterates that they have high expectations of her, and she hopes they've shown them that they're the best team together.

In a post-race interview, Cindy repeats her assertion that this has been the best pre-marital counseling you could ever get. Ernie says she's proud of Cindy and happy to have her as his partner in life, "And I can't think of anybody better to spend it with." Cindy is also proud of Ernie for being so emotionally supportive, which is about the least tangible contribution anyone could think of. "With Ernie here, I know that we can do anything." Sure, as long as he doesn't screw it up.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive next, to more applause and cheers, and join Phil on the mat as Team Control moves aside. Phil congratulates them for coming in second and lies, "You ran an extraordinary race." Jeremy says they gave it all they had, and they're exhausted and happy to be home. As for what Phil calls their "connection," Sandy says they've learned how to communicate with each other. Jeremy interviews that their relationship will continue. It would be a pretty long flight home otherwise.

Finally, here come Amani and Marcus, whom we haven't seen since Marcus was hunched over the old Remington. They run up to the mat and Phil congratulates them a bit ruefully on coming in third. Phil asks Marcus to promise him something: "You will never become a pilot." Marcus says nobody will ever have to worry about him getting in a cockpit again. "What happened?" Phil asks. Amani says she had to be patient for both of them. "Never seen him punch anything before, that was my first experience." Phil seems surprised to hear that, but Amani insists Marcus doesn't have a temper. "We've got four kids that are watching, and we have to set examples for, and if they pound any doors in my house it's on." Everyone laughs. Phil says their kids will be very proud of them, and Amani says they hope their kids will learn the lesson, "You're not gonna win at everything, but whatever you do, do not quit." In fact, she thinks that making it this far is winning. "As long as you don't quit, you always win." Marcus, who's been pretty quiet on the mat, interviews about what a great teammate Amani was. "She's smarter than any quarterback that I've played with, and tougher than any linebacker that I've ever faced. And I think she showed so many people that no matter how old you are, no matter what ethnic background you come from, no mater what you've done, there's nothing that you can't accomplish." Wait, did he just call his wife old?

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