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Cindy takes up the slack on her belaying line and starts walking along another rope stretched horizontally along the bottom of the map, on her way east. At about Sydney, she pulls down on the other rope, lifting herself straight up so she can grabs a hold of the end of the Amazing Red Line, which feeds out like an elastic dog leash or a retractable power cord. While working her way back west, she verbally runs down the countries they've visited: "Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand..." As she clips the rope through Thailand, a little graphic comes up at the bottom of the screen showing the names and flags of eight of the countries visited this season: Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malawi, Denmark, Belgium, Panama and USA. What, no Germany? They totally changed trains there. Dings sound and check marks appear in the boxes as Cindy clamps the rope through the first three countries one after the other. "You're doing great, Cindy!" Ernie calls. Not so much with the screaming of instructions, but it's not like she needs them. Or would respond so much to screaming, I'm thinking.

Amani and Marcus have finally reached the Dump. Amani seems more interested in giving Marcus a chance to redeem himself than actually catching up at this point, which is probably good because only one of those things is now possible, and tells him he gives a damn. But her expression soon turns even more sympathetic as he slowly reads, "Completely type...out...your next...clue." She says he's got it, but he pouts hilariously before heading inside. Sure enough, he gets all the way to the numbers. How appropriate that all of the final three teams have difficulty getting their finger on number one.

Jeremy and Sandy find a different hotel, where the helpful clerks do the searching for them and quickly direct them to Turner Field. Off they go.

Cindy clips the rope through Malawi. I'm not sure I'd have known where Malawi is without a label before this season. Onward and upward to Europe, as Ernie calls out. "There you go, use those bulging biceps." She has to return to Malawi to get some more slack in the rope, but gets back up and clips Denmark. "Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands," she counts up the European coast before clipping in Belgium. "Hell yeah, going home!" she says. Back to Africa for more slack, and then a horizontal scramble over to Panama, singing the whole way (although not the Van Halen song, as far as I can tell), and then "going home to the ATL." After clipping the end on, she makes her way back east to take up the slack and says, "This is the coolest map ever." They lower her down and she runs back to Ernie for a big happy hug before the guide gives them their next clue. Cindy is chanting, "Pit Stop, please, Pit Stop!" Even better, it's the Finish Line.

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