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Gone with the "1"

Sandy seems to have successfully typed her clue right up to the 1, at which point she says, "Yowza." She gets up, checks the clue again, and mutters, "This is where we get tricky, huh? There's no 1 on this." More symbolism; there's no number one team in the final leg either, it seems like.

In even more embarrassing news, Marcus is now on his 12th attempt at landing the damn fake plane. At this point I'm expecting Leslie Nielsen to stick his head in and say, "I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you." Once again he hits the runway hard, but as he tries to keep it straight, we hear him VO that he decided to take a deep breath and not think about the rest of the race. "And at that point, we knocked it out." I don't think you can still call it knocking it out if it took you twelve tries, dude. Marcus collapses with relief in his chair while the instructor says with a straight face, "Congratulations, you have completed the task." Amani proudly smiles and tells him he did it. Finally they get to get out and open their clue. In their cab to the Dump (which they may or may not have already known about, what with the "home field advantage" they've been enjoying while spending the day coming as close to literally crashing and burning as it's possible to repeatedly get), Marcus says that was like dropping a pass in the end zone (me:" Eleven times"). Amani tells him he did his best, didn't quit, and kept going. Driving past the old Olympic Torch, Marcus still isn't done with the football analogies. "I get to the Super Bowl and I can't finish. I can't close it." Okay, that actually sounded more like a sex analogy. But Amani, who is completely serene, says she still would have thrown him the pass. "You would have been my target, so obviously someone's believing in you." Marcus is still too upset with himself to appreciate how fully awesome that is. I've been suspecting for a while that Amani is in this race more for Marcus than the million dollars, and the fact that this confirms it doesn't make me any less amazed at how supportive she is. And extending the football metaphor, no less.

Ernie and Cindy have nailed down the Hank Aaron thing, but now what do they do with that information? Cindy asks someone if there's a Hank Aaron statue or memorial. While he goes off to check, Cindy wonders if they need to get to the ballpark, and indeed, he comes back to send them to Turner Field. Off they go, in a state of high excitement, even if they must certainly realize that the heydays of Hank Aaron and Ted Turner didn't exactly overlap.

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