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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

Kris and Jon and Hornio both pull up at the museum at essentially the same time, and they both run for the entrance booth. Apparently, the clue tells them to head for "pit number one," so both teams are asking for assistance to get some idea of where that might be. Hornio snags tickets first. When they get inside, El Hornio actually takes a moment to appreciate how cool the clay army is (man, just typing "clay army" makes me envision...many, many things I just don't want to think about), so that's good. Not seeing any flags, they take off hunting for the pit. Kris and Jon are on their way in, but ultimately, El Hornio spots the flag, and after doing his best to scamper past a lot of tourists in the most polite way possible, he and Rebecca manage to pull the clue first. They run away to try to conceal the location of the clue from Kris and Jon, who are indeed on their way in and presumably are smart enough to say, "Excuse me, Chinese person, have you seen a guy running by with little ponytail horns like this?" And then there would be a hand gesture. I'm only sorry it didn't go that far. When they're out of the way, El Hornio reads the clue, which tells them to head for Mount Hua, 70 miles away. Phil explains that when they get there, they'll get another clue.

It does appear that Kris and Jon are successfully diverted by Hornio's decision to fake them out, as Kris seems to be looking for the flag where she saw Hornio. So that makes this Hornio's first good strategic decision of the entire race. Congratulations, Hornio! Outside, Hornio gets in a cab, and Rebecca then engages in a bit of self-congratulation for this, their first piece of good gameplay since the opening bell.

In the Nuance cab, Freddy declares his driver a "total buffoon" as the driver gets out to ask some directions. When the driver returns, Freddy adds "dumb-ass" to his list of diplomatic insults. Oh, Nuance, you're so happy you stole that cab now, aren't you? Things are going even worse for Hayden and Aaron, however, as they actually stop and exit the cab at a place that doesn't turn out to be the right museum.

Back at the clay warriors, Kris and Jon finally make their way to the clue box and get the clue. On their way out, they run into an arriving Nuance. My favorite part is where Kendra asks Freddy if they have to dig. Hee hee. Yeah, you'll be digging all around the priceless artifacts. Out in the Kris and Jon cab, meanwhile, they talk about how cool the museum was and how sad they are that they didn't get to spend more time looking at it. Back in the museum, it turns out that Kendra and Freddy went all the way around the wrong way as well, which may have been what Kris and Jon did. They get their clue and head for Mount Hua. Their cab driver, the same one they have already called a dumb-ass, says he knows. They take his word for it. Hee hee.

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