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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

Commercials. Man, I have grown to hate Vince Vaughn. Everything started out so well in Swingers.

When we return, Hornio is still stuck in traffic in their lonely little cab, lamenting the fact that Aaron and Hayden are now either behind them in the bunched-up mess, or "went a different way." As it turns out, it's the second one. And they way they went is "different" in the same way that a guy who wears a Boba Fett figurine around his neck and sleeps on a bed of comic books and only eats Cap'n Crunch is "different." Because in the Aaron/Hayden cab, she is lamenting that 35 minutes of driving around has, so far, not netted them anything. They're clearly not convinced that their guy knows where he's going. And Hayden points out that it isn't a "frickin' leisurely stroll." That's right -- Hayden is serious about competition! Hayden doesn't believe in lollygagging! Hayden is intense! Just something to remember.

Back at the factory, Kris and Jon finish the car-painting first, leaving Nuance in last place. My pretty, pretty favorite team runs out and jumps into their cab. In the back seat, Kris frets more than is traditional for her about the fact that Hornio and Hayden and Aaron were well ahead of them in getting to the Detour, and she doesn't understand why her cab drivers are always so pokey. Finally, Nuance manages to finish the car and get going, but they are Currently In Last Place. They get in their cab, and despite not being certain that they're communicating with their cabbie, they take off. There is certainly a lot of gambling on your cabbie going on today.

Finally, Hornio's traffic situation loosens. But as it does, Kris and Jon have a rare stroke of positive taxi luck as their driver actually maneuvers around the traffic, passing, among other people, Hornio itself. Kris and Jon congratulate their driver, undoubtedly feeling kind of bad about all the wicked things (like, "Darn him!") that they were thinking a minute or two ago.

Elsewhere, on a drier, sandier, more thoroughly confused planet, Hayden orders Aaron to "make him [the taxi driver] go." Which, again, is awesome, because apparently, Aaron is the enforcer now. She gives instructions, and he's the muscle that carries them out. I do feel some fleeting sympathy for Hayden when she points out the window and indignantly points out that they're being passed by a bus. Heh. Being passed by a bus is indeed never good. Interestingly, Nuance is beginning to think their driver may be lost, too. "This guy's killing us," Freddy laments as he looks at his own lap in slo-mo. Must be quite a bit down there to admire.

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