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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

First to the car factory is Hornio, and they hustle into their uniforms and start for the painting. Hayden and Aaron are close behind. Rebecca, meanwhile, tells El Hornio that she thinks she had a former life as an auto body mechanic, and he responds that he feels like Michael Keaton in Gung Ho. Boy, there's a reference you don't hear every day. Apparently, El Hornio watches a lot of Comedy Central. And then Rebecca tells him, "Nice long strokes." Well, it's no Chuck and Millie yelling that they can't get off, but I'll take it in a pinch, not that I think it's likely to help in the case of El Hornio specifically. Hayden and Aaron also start in painting their car. Nuance and Kris and Jon bring up the rear pulling into the factory. They run in, and are not happy to see two teams already painting. There is a lot of "go, baby" as everyone suits up for the task, but of course, there is always a lot of "go, baby." It is sort of the Go Baby Season. Spraying ensues. Hornio is the first team to finish, and they get their clue and get an instruction to head for the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. As Phil explains, there is a clay army at this museum, made up of almost 7,000 statues. The clay guys are "the greatest archeological discovery of the twentieth century." (Zron: "There will be a thirty-minute time penalty for every priceless, irreplaceable statue you break.") I've seen this museum on some show before, but I'll be damned if I can remember where I've seen it. I would have said it was on this show, but I guess not.

El Hornio compliments Rebecca on how cute she looked while painting, and they run outside and hop back into their cab. Rebecca prattles on for a bit about how happy she was to finish ahead of Hayden and Aaron for once. And she likes being in first, and that never happens! And then she kisses El Hornio. Ew. And now he's all painty, too, and his horns are getting all kinds of long now that he hasn't had them...filed, or whatever, in quite some time.

Hayden and Aaron finish their car next. They get their clue and leave, but not before Hayden makes it clear to the guy handing them their clue that he's not doing it fast enough. And what I love is that when she decides the guy is lollygagging, her response is to whine, "Aaron," as if he's going to punch the clue guy or throw him into a wall or something. I mean, he doesn't seem to speak Chinese any more than she does, so I'm not sure what he's supposed to do about it, but anyway. "Fast, fast, fast, fast," Hayden orders their cab driver as Aaron notes that they're pretty close on the Hornio heels. (Hornio would look awesome in heels, by the way.) Speaking of which, Hornio is currently losing their Very Special Lead to a Very Special Government Motorcade, and yes, I think all of us in attendance were thinking it was probably that crazy President of Senegog again.

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