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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

The Princess does not get out of the boat for Freddy. She is just maddening. She's in a fucking bathing suit and they're in Hawaii, and she stays in the boat. GAH! They read the Chicago clue, and she's all, "Wooo!", and she calls him "my little superman," which, yuck.

Hornio gets to the Roadblock, and El Hornio takes it.

Nuance takes off for the Honolulu airport, and Kris and Jon are on their way there as well.

El Hornio skydives. He screams like a little girl. Other news as events warrant, which they really don't once you become the Trailing Team in the last leg. He and Rebecca get their clue and head out.

Kris and Jon are the first to get to the airport. They ask for the fastest flight to Chicago. They are offered a flight out at 4:30, getting into Chicago at 5:43 in the morning. Kris asks whether that is the fastest way to Chicago in the airport, and the guy tells her it is. Nuance arrives at the airport. Kris and Jon take their tickets from the very friendly guy who sold them. When Nuance arrives, though, they walk up to United instead of walking up to American, and they learn that United leaves at 4:20 and gets in at 5:15. So, in keeping with their shitty luck over the last several legs, Kris and Jon's guy was full of shit. Of course, Freddy and Kendra merely do exactly what Kris and Jon did, which is demand to know that they have the fastest flight, but since they walked up to the right counter instead of the wrong one, that's their advantage right there. It certainly appears that had they walked up to American instead of United, the outcome would have been completely different, because they basically approached it exactly the same way.

On the Nuance/United Plane Of Really Good Luck, the Princess brags about the lead they're going to have if indeed Kris and Jon took the American flight, as it appears they did. Kris and Jon then board the American Flight Of Big Fat Liars (thanks, American Airlines, for fucking the ending!).

Oh, and Hornio arrives at the airport. They get a flight out that boards at 6:05, so they're still working that hour and a half or so that they've been trailing since they came in from China. Their flight takes off.

In Chicago, Nuance's flight lands ten minutes late, at 5:25 AM. Freddy and the Princess run through the airport. And then Kris and Jon's flight lands fifteen minutes early, at 5:30. As they get off the plane, Kris and Jon voice over that they found out from a lady on the plane that the United flight was earlier, and they figured that Freddy and the Princess were probably on it, but when they landed early, they hoped that they would be able to catch up. And...sure, could they have checked? They could have. But as a general matter, that's how teams buy tickets -- they ask for the fastest flight, and they usually get it. They don't usually assume that the ticket agent is lying to them about what flight is fastest.

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