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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

Nuance lands as team number two. Congratulations, welcome to the final three. Freddy says that he promised Kendra final three. Well, that was smart. And necessary, because you only accomplish things when boys promise you that you can have them. Boys give you presents, and also make you good at things. Yay!

On the mountain, Rebecca is grousing about how long she's been at it, as El Hornio talks about the frustration of the fact that Floden could theoretically open her lock at any time, even though he and Rebecca have been there longer. There is some talk within both teams about the fact that it's now about 6:30, and they're supposed to finish the task by 7:00, because that's when the last gondola heads down the mountain. Rebecca laments that after this experience, she will "never be a hand model." See, those are the moments when I think she would be an okay girl to hang out with when she's not drowning in her incredibly dysfunctional relationship. Floden asks Rebecca if she's bleeding, and Rebecca confirms that she is. Aaron, temper getting the better of him, manhandles a sign as he waits for Floden to be done. Floden, meanwhile, tells Aaron that she's "this close to just stopping." I know I'm shocked. Aaron tells her that they've apparently been told it will be a four-hour penalty if they quit the Roadblock, and any decision she makes is okay. El Hornio tells Rebecca that he disagrees -- she'd better keep going. And...not to do it again, but rock on, El Hornio. Quitting is for quitters. Floden gases on for a while about how frustrated she is, and then she abruptly declares, "I'm done." It appears that just as Floden and Aaron quit, Rebecca gets the karmic payoff she thoroughly deserves and gets the key to turn. They run off and get their clue, and Aaron throws his pack again. Floden declares that they're taking the penalty for not completing the Roadblock, and then they go and get their clue. She doesn't even deserve to be called Floden, really, considering that Flo never actually quit. Yee-gads. Aaron and Floden are all huggy-bug as they prepare to head for the pit stop, because of course he's telling her that her behavior is just fine, just like he always does, which is why she keeps doing it. Bleeeargh. They ride the gondola down, and he tells her that it's all fine and she didn't lose it for them, even though she totally did, and she did it after haranguing him all day long about everything that didn't go the way they wanted. He tells her that life will go on, which really has nothing to do with how ass it is to quit.

Aaron and Floden and Hornio wind up running for the pit stop together, actually, and when Floden and Aaron step up, they find that they are indeed getting a four-hour penalty for failing to do the Roadblock. Of course, it was 24 hours when it was Momily, but whatever. This season is about nothing if not making sure that nothing you do fully knocks you out of the race except for a random and meaningless mistake fifty-two minutes into the show. So Floden and Aaron are out, and Hornio is in.

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