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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

Elsewhere, however, Kris and Jon find their way onto a bus to Xi'an that leaves without anyone else, even though it looks like Nuance arrives sort of right as they're going. Nuance finds a new bus, though, so they're on their way as well, not far behind my favorite team. And Nuance is in a purple bus to match Kendra's bandanna, which she isn't even wearing. Go, my favorite team, go! On the bus, Kendra whines that she needs a hug, so Freddy pulls her into his lap. Oh, honestly. I'm not against the hugging, but the pouting is more than a little putrid.

Back up on the mountain, Floden and Rebecca are still locked (hee) in combat. But wait -- Floden gets her key stuck. She pulls and she complains and she yanks and she flips out, and eventually, she breaks the key off in the lock. Ah, well. There's some karma for you. It's Flo-licious.

Commercials. Things that don't go together for me in a movie? Passion and James Garner. I'm just saying.

When Floden reports to Aaron that her key broke, she asks him what the clue says about what to do if you need another key. To my surprise, there actually are such instructions, which say to head for the reception desk at a nearby hotel. Aaron and Floden take off walking. El Hornio urges Rebecca to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their lot.

In Xi'an, Kris and Jon hop out of their bus and grab a cab. Nuance, meanwhile, does the same. Freddy insists they can still finish first.

Mountain. Rebecca is still trying locks. Floden and Aaron are getting a replacement key. El Hornio is still haranguing Rebecca about her key technique, and she's threatening to throw him off the mountain. Well, that's nicely circular, since he habitually offers to off himself. Floden and Aaron return, as she complains that she's "had nine panic attacks today." (I'm saying, Boy Repellent.) Aaron explains that it's very difficult for him not to be able to jump in and do anything about Floden's obvious meltdown. What's interesting is that Rebecca is complaining a lot, but her attitude is still pretty positive. It's like she's burning off all the frustration by commenting over and over again about how she's in hell, and she thinks this is your afterlife punishment if you're bad...she seems to be coping, which is more than I can say for Floden.

Kris and Jon pull up to the pit stop. But Freddy and Kendra do, too. Kris and Jon, running. Kendra and Freddy, running. And -- my favorite team! Yay! They're in first place. I love that. They land on the mat. Welcomed to Xi'an as team number one, they smooch, and are awarded a Caribbean vacation. Jon declares that finishing in the top three was their goal for the day, so they're ready to go on.

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