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The Weavers arrive at 2350 Dickson (which is English for 2350 Dicksonne, by the way), and Ted helps them hunt for Door J. They hop out and run inside. The clue they find leads to a Roadblock. Phil explains that as is traditional in industrial parks, teams will have to go inside and learn to complete a maneuver on the flying trapeze. Basically, the chosen team member has to hang by his legs and then be caught by his hands. You will be less than shocked to hear that this Roadblock becomes Rolly's responsibility. The trainers tell him to hang from his knees, arch his back, and look behind him. That's also very good advice for the day he one day escapes from his mother by climbing down a giant tree outside his bedroom window.

Elsewhere, the Linzes run up the stairs and get the clue at the pavilion. Now, for Door J. They mutter that they'll have to tell their "doofus" taxi driver where they're going. Elsewhere, the Tonyas and Wally approach the pavilion. "Before it's over, we'll be back in it," Wally notes.

Rolly climbs the ladder and heads for the trapeze. He completes the maneuver and is dropped down onto the net. That was surprisingly not exciting, for a task involving circus folk. The clue Rolly retrieves instructs his team to head for Stade Olympique, where they'll find another clue. Phil says that this is "almost two miles." And I'll tell you, all the people sitting next to me at TARcon 8 were like, "Two miles! Not two miles! Such a harrowing journey! What if they get lost?" Heh. Bitter cynics, every one of us. At any rate, they'll hop into golf carts when they get there and drive into the stadium, where there will be another clue. In the cab, Mama notes, "Rolly is so weird. He can do anything!" What's great is that if you'd been there (or, more likely, if I'd been there, since you're probably too polite and afraid of a plague of frogs) to say, "I wonder where he gets it" to that remark, it would be 50 percent sarcastically rude and 50 percent straightforwardly rude, and Mama Weaver would be so confused that her head would fly clean off.

The Linzes find their way to the address, and they find the door marked "J." Although Megan mutters hopefully that she wouldn't mind doing the Roadblock, she's not aggressive enough for the surroundings, and she gets steamrolled by Alex, who winds up doing it instead. Inside, Alex gets his trapeze training and heads up the ladder as his siblings fret over the fact that he's not exactly the lightest person on their team. On Alex's first try, he is not successfully caught, causing Tommy to jump up and down in frustration. The team cheers for him anyway, though.

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