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25 Days, 50 Cities, And More Than 600 Consecutive Hours As A Family…

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Canada, dry

Tommy makes his shot. Nick makes his. "I love this game!" Tommy says. "I'm moving to Canada."

Elsewhere, Wally and Beth complete the first log for their family.

The Weavers approach the American Pavilion.

Megan's shot barely makes it, with plenty of sweeping. They read the American Pavilion clue, and as they leave, they go on about how much they loved the curling. "I'm going to build a curling rink in Cincinnati, Ohio," Alex says, making further plans for the Alex Linz Amusement Center, with its giant chair and so forth.

Ted delivers the Weavers to the American Pavilion. They hop out and run. They have to hunt around for a while before they find the stairs, but they eventually do, and they run up to where the clue box is. The clue tells them to go six miles to an industrial park. Phil says they'll have to "search for la porte J, which is French for 'Door J.'" Oh, I get it. It's a foreign language. I certainly hope the teams can crack that tricky code. Once they find the door, they'll find another clue. The Weavers return to Ted and give him the address. Shockingly, Ted does not say, "La porte J? What is this porte?"

In the Linz cab, Alex gives a weak, "Andale." "Andale is Spanish," Megan notes. There is a pause. "French," Tommy reminds Alex. "Right," Alex says. Hee. They hunt for the Pavilion, thinking it should be "an older building" since it was built in 1967. Dudes, that's not an older building. Megan suggests they ask old people who were around at the time, and Nick claims that this "makes sense." I beg to differ, but then, I would almost be considered old people, so.

A couple of Tonyas are moving another log. They're having a bit of an issue with the log rolling right off the tracks, and when Wally tries to give Lindsay (I think) some pointers, she snaps at him to "chill out."


When we return, the Tonyas finish up that second log.

The Weavers, for their part, are still talking about how Ted is "a blessing from heaven," and Mama insists that he was sent by God in response to their prayers. Some people send flowers, some people send cards -- God sends Ted. The Linzes, meanwhile, learn that the big sphere they're looking at is the American Pavilion. The Bransens finish their third log. They then very quickly get the last log done, get the clue, and head for the American Pavilion. Their cab driver does seem to think he knows where it is, putting him somewhere south of Ted and somewhere north of the Linzes' stinko driver.

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