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Canada, dry

Guess what? The Linzes have been brought to the same wrong place as the Weavers originally were. Locked doors, wrong place. Boo!

The Bransens get out of their cab and head down into the tunnels. They, too, appear to miss the clue box on the first shot. Somebody hid that thing pretty good. I guess they didn't want the mall-walking crowd to break into the clue box during a lunchtime stroll and swipe anything.

Rebecca gets her curling done. Mama goes next, but her first shot isn't successful. Meanwhile, the Linzes learn that the campus where they'll find McGill Arena is maybe a half hour away, so while it's not that far, it's not nearby, either. The Bransens, for their part, keep looking until Wally spots the clue box. Good thing they dragged him along, eh? They look over the Detour clue and, as they run, they agree that none of them are good on ice, so they head for the arboretum. That seems like a dubious decision. You know you're not good on ice; what are the odds that you're good with lumberjack tools? Isn't that a matter of choosing the devil you don't know?

Mama Weaver gets her stone to the target, so now it's Rachel's turn. She gets hers as well, and then Rolly gets his. So they're done, and they're in first place, and despair is setting in across the land. Their clue tells them to go 26 miles to the American Pavilion, one of those giant spheres that someone built for a World's Fair or an Expo or something back in 1967 when that sort of thing was still in fashion. There, they'll climb several flights of stairs to fetch a clue. Ted makes some calls on their behalf. Ugh.

The Linzes get to the right arena, and they don their helmets for a little curling. Nick tries to be funny while walking on the ice and winds up almost injuring himself. That's what you get for trying to look cool, smarty. Alex's first shot is a little weak, which gets him a lot of ribbing and cries of "Wuss!", just like you'd expect. He takes another shot, and this one is successful.

The Bransens find the arboretum and the log-rolling Detour. As they watch, a couple of guys run a log from one part of the track to the other. Wally and Beth start out on their first log for the team.

The Weavers, meanwhile, are still praising Ted while on their way to the American Pavilion. Ted says, jokingly, as if making an awards speech, that he'd like to thank God. "Ted, we thank God every day, too!" Mama says. "Are you a Christian?" Rachel pipes up. Ted sees which side his bread is buttered on and says that he is. Despite the cross hanging from Ted's mirror, his statement that he's a Christian certainly looks like pandering to me. And who can blame him, really? All you can do with silly people you hope will tip you is give them what they want.

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